Review: M.I.C Gadget iHub 2

In my first video I am review the Korean M.I.C Gadget’s iHub 2! A 4-port USB 2.0 Hub which cost me £6.95 from eBay. Apologies for holding things to close to the camera, it’s new and i’m still getting used to the zoom!


Jenny Baker says:

he’s alex

Jenny Baker says:


Joe Willis says:

i notice you have an imac g4?

Jenny Baker says:

korean companies are really funny man

Amanda Moore says:

Why not upgrade your iMac? Can I PLEASE get your opinion on the iPhone 6 plus?

Casuality says:

This looks so cool! I ordered one yesterday and can’t wait to get it. Oh, and great review!

0SpyderScope says:

Do you think it would be “tacky” if I used this for my windows laptop?

Jenny Baker says:

my very bad

doctahoofan says:

Nice review, as always!

Jenny Baker says:

they woudnt leave me screwed

yogibear2k10 says:

It’s quite good Its not made by crapple or it would be £69.99. And some saddoes would buy it at that price!

Colton West says:

Rip Steve jobs

Toby Vangeldorp says:

I hade a I-Pod shuffle it was already busted in like 1 month sins then i never buy apple again !

Jenny Baker says:


Chelsey Evans says:

I mingt sound really daft now but who is Steve jobs?

Jenny Baker says:

keep it

Rob Lamper says:

where can you get this?  i really want a fuw

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