REVIEW: 360 WiFi – Smallest WiFi Router & Adapter?

The 360 WiFi is one of the coolest mini gadgets we’ve reviewed. Not only is the 360 WiFi a wireless USB adapter (for older desktops and laptops), it also dubs as a WiFi mini router. With impressive performance and a shockingly low price, there’s plenty to like about the 360 WiFi. Find out more details in this official video review.

Find it here:


Meat? ? says:

can u connect it to a power bank?

Shmooptifloop says:

Does this work for Xbox 360?

Marlene Vazquez says:

does this for sure work as an adapter?

DESnoTOM says:

wait i have to ceap this pluged in a computer to use it

Brian Shabam says:

thanks very much, I got the driver, it’s awesome and working


I dont need to pay For the wifi?

SunixDev says:

Hello , will this work if once configurate i plug on a power bank to use as wifi hotspot

Hasnat Chowdhury says:

do you already need a connection on ur laptop for this 2 work? or is it like its own thing!?!

Jimmy S says:

it will work as wireless router if im using it with powerbank or usb charger? no need for internet, just for local connection. please reply. i need a portable router with usb 5v powered. thanks

Earn With Saqlain says:

all webs blocked in china could not open on it useless iteam

Linda Yahu Judah says:

Does it work on laptop

Foshan Khesrawi says:

Can i use this for my Chromebook? ( Chrome OS )

Glaidzel says:

Can u start a wifi anywhere u want without any wifi or u can only start a wifi based on a wifi

SaayJaay Numba2 says:

How much is it a month

Jesse Clark says:

does it work all the time without running out

Rasheed Salami says:

Can it be used outside ?

minecraft boy says:

do you need to have 3g or 4g in your desktop yes or no

Galaxy Gamer says:

does this work on any country?

Lamar Green says:

do you have to pay bills

I am Groot says:

Can I use it to play Pokemon go on my iPod?

Allen Charles says:

does the router still work without connecting to a computer?

Abe Alexander says:

Can it be used as a repeater

Leilani brown says:

So could this extend my wifi ?

Blood Angel says:

Where did you get the information that an English version of the app was coming out? I’ve had mine for a year, and I wasn’t really expecting it to happen.

furulevi says:

Can you please give a direct link to download that software? Thanks!

Shailesh Das says:

how to use it as a wifi adapter? Not as router

илля иванов says:

хелоу упери

Jessica says:

Could it be used on a cruise ship like in the ocean

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