Reacting To 10 Prank Products!

Today I test out some of the most unique prank products we could find, some wacky, some awesome. I’ve never seen many of these before, and I test them out on people around the office, so YOU can decide which is the best to prank your own family and friends with! Some of these products are hilarious, others are more sinister, so the question is – how far would you go to prank your friends?

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Get your favorite prank products from this episode below!

Birthday Card – It never stops playing music! ➡
Itching Powder – Beware, it’s the stongest itch powder we could find! ➡
Squirting Flower Corsage – The most classic prank ever! ➡
Flying Wild Squirrel – Scare your friends with this attacking squirrel ➡
Prank Candle – Turns from smelling like apple into fart! ➡
Sonic Nausea – See if your friends feel queasy after hearing this! ➡
Phantom Keystroker – The ultimate prank for your gaming friend. ➡
Panic Powder – Beware, it’s as powerful as pepper spray! ➡
Spilled Disposable Cup of Coffee – Easy prank for your friends at school. ➡
Scary Peeper Knocking Goon – Prank your family and friends with hanging window peeper! ➡

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Matthias says:

Which product do you guys think is the ULTIMATE prank product??

Rayan Rouhizad says:

my friend pepper sprayed me and it hert BAD

emily zarla says:

23:10 my ears why Matthias why do this to my eye I can still here it and the vid is done oh god save me

Micheal Williams says:

I was pepper sprayed in my law class and for the next 5 days every time i showered i came out of my hair and got in my eye nose and mouth.

emily zarla says:

13:20 my ears they hurt

Jim Medcraft says:

I was pepper sprayed in the Muslim 1/4 Jerusalem

emily zarla says:

17:54 my boyfriend cheated on me so I pepper sprayed him

Alyssa Harvey says:

Happy birthday

FunTimeFreddy Plays says:

i still hear the dumb ringing

Chaotic Kevin Campbell says:

I had it aimed the wrong way

iSpillo says:


Itz_your_gir l_brook says:

I was pepper sprayed bye a cop bc I ran bc I had weed in my bag

Mark Galli says:

Clicked off at 21:30

Done with that thing

netherrackgamer Gaming/Modding and more says:

pause at 21:13 when iam annoyed

Thinac Shanks says:

My grandma kept peppers pray in the crayon box for some reason and i thought it was perfume cus it wasnt marked and maced myself and my cousin lol

EmmaTcookie Byrum says:

that actually wanted to make me barf that sound tho ewwww that diiiiiiiiiii high sound WHOOO owwwww

Samuel Rindt says:

I threw up all over my computer and this is my new computer.

Dragon Flyer300 says:

For number 13:00 it made me have diarrhea

Tony Zhen says:

Matthias why you played that so long? Now I hear it jesus man.

Tomboy girl says:

I diyed this with nail polish my dad freeked out

oof my dude says:

me but my grandma thought i was a robber xD

TheLegitWhite Boi says:

The sound literally made me sick

Wesley Campbell says:

That noise made me feel sick

Clayton Powell says:

A dare

dylan tofu says:

I got Dr pepper sprayed so I could say is due that make no pot sence

Summer-Rose Harvey says:

Anyone still hear the ringing?

Pieterrr58 58 says:

Wooow that annoying sound thing is expensive!!!!

jack mayes says:

I was pepper sprayed becomes my friends are dicks

LegendaryGuy1129 says:

I got a headache and I hear ringing now

Flame Sword says:

You can put the cup under the computer

jackson lindenmuth says:

happy birthday matthias

Mark Galli says:

That “sonic grenade” work in a instant I didn’t throw up tho

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