Portable Android Waterproof Inspection USB Camera

Inspection Camera

This USB Endoscope is a portable, handheld video endoscope system with a flexible insertion tube. It can easily be operated by plugging directly into your computer. The high resolution camera provides good video quality and with adjustable LED lights on the tip, you can see clearly in dark area. The camera head and cable are water resistant which makes it possible to work in multiple environments. You can also capture pictures or record videos through your computer or laptop easily with the bundled software.

**NOTE: you can also try another Android app called: CameraFi


*Flexible cable neck diameter: 6 mm
*Camera head outer diameter is 7mm
*USB cable: USB 2.0 interface
*Image Resolution: 640*480 pixels
*Lens: F#:2.8 view of angle: 54°
*Focal distance: 3CM-6cm
*Waterproof level: IP67
*operation temperature:-10-120℃
*Frame rate up to 30fps@VGA resolution
*Snapshot & LED lighting adjustable
*Waterproof camera head with adjustable white 6 LED lighting
*Support:windows2000/windows xp/vista/windows7 (windows8 is not supported)


plumbsmart11 says:

I purchased the android endoscope camera as well. Thank you for your video, I wasn’t real sure how to use attatchments. But one thing I might can help you with, is I thought the square silver button didn’t work on mine as well. But I learned that if you press and hold it down for a few seconds, then continue to quick press it, it will show different screen shot options, colors, etc. Each time you press it, different screen view shows up, …enjoy

Marcio Rocha says:

In my zenfone 3 Max did not work this camera. Do you know why ? .

Abduulah Albalushi says:

Do it record audio also ?

william william says:

2017newest wireless endoscope http://a.co/a6pt6ln

برامج ومعلومات says:

plazas i need kay usb camera

Ramsay Henderson says:

what is the app called I cant find it to get my camra to work and I dont have the QR code

My kid's point of view Tango foxtrot says:


After watching your video on the OTG micro USB camera I went on to obtain it , unfortunately cannot get it to work in my HTC M10 and have donwn loaded 9 types of apps

can you please share the best App

best regards

Mr Mohammad Alaween says:

Sir, I bought one, but it is not working with most of android devices!!!!, do you have any idea???

Flying Pictures says:

A free instructional review without annoying background music, very informative and concise. You may or may not like the product but what is to dislike about this free presentation, I just don’t get why anyone would thumbs down it. Thanks, I need one to inspect for termite damage, its perfect. Keep up your great work.

Beruk Sumbat says:

can i know,what model asus you using ?

Michael Tan says:

Dude, great video. At 6:00 it’s 90 degree rotation, not 45 though.

C.J says:

Pretty cool.Thanks for explaning how to use it! 🙂

c0V3Ro says:

Those 15bucks china made things are all scam.

Massimiliano Colucci says:


ppcuser ppcuser says:

Can it work with WhatsApp/Skype?
What’s it’s quality in dark?
How videos are taken while driving?

Gerald Ellis says:

im macguyver nigga no im Dr. feynman nigga

Ivan says:

Where is the link for download the Android application?

Frog Froggie says:

How do I use it on samsung s4 for live videocall (whatsapp and skype ) ??

Zelimus says:

chuj ci w morde za taką jakość kamerki

Kyle Betts says:

Nice video. It makes it very easy to understand. Thank you

Thatbondguy 27 says:

I’m a bounty hunter and this is a game changer.

Lone Wolf says:

not a better view than your eyes ….

scorpione scorpion says:

help me usb billing errror

Allo Débouchage says:

Bonjour, Il faut savoir que ce type de camera n’est pas appropriée pour les canalisations contrairement à ce que les vendeurs vous font croire. Si c’était le cas vous en trouverez partout dans la grande distribution! Les tarifs d’une caméra endoscopique varie de 1 000€ pour la plus basse qualité à 10 000€ pour la plus haute. D’une part, Le jonc (câble) n’est pas assez rigide, passé 30cm, il va s’enrouler sur place. Par ailleurs, la tête de camera va baigner dans les dépôts au sol dans la canalisation ce qui fait que vous ne verrez rien immédiatement après l’avoir inséré. Les caméras professionnels disposent de centreur qui permet comme le nom l’indique d’élever la tête de camera sans que celle ci soit au contact des impuretés. Je vous passe les détails pour le métrage linéaire, le fait qu’elle doivent être auto-nivelant et compagnie. Ne perdez pas de temps ni d’argent à moins que vous souhaitiez acheter un gadget. Agréable Journée

purrungas2012 says:

got this camera but did not like the video quality, my phone is way much clear, the app really needs work

David Chomiak says:

Could somebody give me the link of the usb camera 2.0 app?

mikes hobbie's and random stuff says:

Does this work with the Lenovo tab 2-a10-70f. ? Or is it phone only?

sungkex Gemblung says:

Is that work on xiomi redmi 4A?

Texas Holdem says:

Good video but What i’m trying to understand on some of these i’m looking at on ebay says 5.5-7MM has resolution of 640×480 and the 8MM cam has 1280×720 which is what i’m looking for But the way it’s worded I don’t know if i’ll get the 1280 on a 7MM cam?//
Do you know or understand That?

oooxm says:

Dose not plug straight into my Sony Phone.

Kito says:

tried all the step my didn’t work.
it only work for pc. even it said for both android & desktop.
my phone is otg supported ( zenfone 2)
follow all the steps from the instruction given. not working.
follow all the instructions given by u. not working.
probably i have been scam. product probably for pc.
all the steps have been repeated 6x. omg.
any solutions?

Sumshee Kirken says:

On my LGG3, the square silver button rotates the camera through different color functions, including B&W …and 4 position changes, essentially left/right-up/down perspective changes.

Russell Allen says:


Product reviewer uk says:

Using in the dark is pointless it looks awful

John Whalley says:

followed all instructions and it came back as corrupt file

Luke Menke says:

Would this work if I have a usbc phone and I got a usbc>usb converter?

Leonard Arneil says:

Any idea why I cant get this to work on ky lg5 mobile phone. I have installed the camera Fi app plug the endoscope in….then nothing. Cheers

over00lord Unknown says:

5:47 *90 degrees… 😉

Anthony Sweitzer says:

I have two of those, very useful. Have you ever been in a situation where you said to yourself, “damn, if only I were the size of an ant, then I could fit and see what’s going on?” Well now you can!

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