Nexus 7 Review #10: USB On-The-Go (OTG) Cable

In this video I show you how using a USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable can transform the flexibility of inputs into the device.

Here’s an example of the cable:


Miguel Puente says:

Just thought about this but this is even more awesome with the wireless display capability built into 4.2

Tomdomification says:


Broxbhoy Bri says:

Another great video and a great illustration of how much Android pisses all over iOS. I’d also like to know how much the controller sucks out the battery.

Ryterbridge01 says:

Awesome vids, now I need to find my usb dongle for my Logitech f170 gamepad.

PsiPhiTy says:

thanks you have just increased the value of my purchase multi fold.

Nunzio Tomarchio says:

salve come posso far leggere gli hard disk 500gb in formato NTFS?
l’hard disk non la posso formattare in fat 32.

Mason Harley says:

Hi Mate if you want to view photos, music from your USB Flash Drive you can get Nexus Media Importer app for $2.99 or £1.98

Endric Hendri says:


Tomdomification says:

Very nice. Did you mean to write UTG in the title?

TheCameraFolks HD says:

You can use the app called stickmount to view all types of files that are stored in your USB drive.

Video Gadgets Journal (VGJFelix) says:

Are you talking about the new Nexus 7? It is possible if you have something called Nexus Media import. however, it’s not working properly at the moment. I’m planning to do a video on it when it’s fixed.

Asn Jay says:

Thannks for the video. can you tell if the game controller sucks too much battery out of the n7 or not?

DerTommynator says:

when I connect my wired xbox 360 controller the x-button is only blinking and I can’t play with it!? can you suggest why? (a ps3 controller works) ;D

richufc79 says:

Love the videos – really useful and interesting. I rooted my Nexus last night. It was a bit scary but worth it. Have ordered a USB otg cable today as apparently with an app called stick mount you can use USB disks with any program.

Mario Saad says:

You were on player 3 on the xbos because it zas the 3rd device connected to the multi-USB plug. I’ll give it a like.

Asterix Xavier says:

To mount USB sticks you need rooted device and StickMount app. This works fine on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7.

JForney says:

Android is beast.

Eutychus82 says:

what about the Nexus Media Importer by HomeySoft in Google Play store?

Chris Wong says:

Nice video! how about Nexus 10? Can it support OTG?

slvibe says:

Nice Video. I do find if im using the Xbox wired controller, there is no need to have anything else plugged in at the same time (but good to know on the video how it would /wouldn’t work) I have used a wired keyboard and Mouse at the same time with no ill effects, and recently tried a USB as well (3 things at once) and it worked fine – I think as you say, its the movement controls that caused the crash.
Great Vid tho man.

virus.exe says:

review#11 has no link.

lhamil64 says:

It looks like the Asus Transformer still supports USB a little better, although I’m really surprised the Nexus 7 can actually support regular USB devices over the MicroUSB port.

FlyingPinguin88 says:

Awesome video! Bought otg today cause of video ;p just a tip, nexus media importer is read only. Root is needed for both read and right :p

garrettsasome888 says:

does the photo reader alow u to put applications on a usb drive to use as more storage for ur nexus 7 or just alow u to see your pictures

Josh Morland says:

Does anyone know if the otg cable works with minecraft on the Nexus?

Saiden Cruz says:

is it root need?

slvibe says:

toyks2nd – you dont need to Root NX7 if you download the Nexus Media Importer App. Some people prefer to Root their Android devices, in which case you would need the StickMount App – but for everyone else, the NX7 supports Expandable storage via USB in conjunction with the Media Importer App.

As the Video showed the Nexus Photo Viewer App just allows you to View whats on the USB -to transfer it to device you need Importer & id say get MX Player as well – can open/watch any file type

Asn Jay says:

ok! btw very very useful video, i wanted to know this, thanks!

shindvs shindvs says:

How to use nexus 7 as mobile cellphone ?

pamsbeauty says:

Great video yet again!!! 🙂 i had a problem with mine last week and had to restore factory settings. But all good since then 🙂

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