Must Have USB Accessories

Everyone who owns a computer will probably own a few USB accessories. In this video, I go over some essential USB accessories I feel everyone should own – no matter if you’re a technology enthusiast, hardware junky or if you’re someone who sits at a desk for an extended period of time.

USB Hub: N/A

External HDD:
External HDD Review:

Battery Pack:
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Jams With Nattrass says:

Ah why so many macs?

Fuzzy Lobster says:

Idk if i should take adive from you if you are using a mac. Jk

XInfinity2013 says:

This is a good video. For the ending part I found the sound was higher than the main part of your video so look into that if possible.

For the USB devices I would add to the list are
– USB Thumb Drive (This is good if you have projects that would fit onto this so that you can easily take it to any computer and not have other files on the drive that isn’t for that project. Some may disagree but from my experience I grab a USB thumb drive most of the time for projects and not a HDD/SSD.)
– Multi Card reader that has a slot for every card size. The reason I said this is because those MicroSD cards won’t always fit in some card readers that you can get back out after. The other reason is that if you use different Memory cards and your PC doesn’t have one of you want one closer to your work area this is very useful.

The 321 says:

Awesome video. What monitor is that?

TheBoyvic says:

Whats your wallpaper! thats awesome!

David Sanchez says:

Really liked the video, you deserve more subs. Plus your one of the few tech youtubers that actually made a general “you should get” computer video that doesn’t talk about gaming and blah blah blah lol I don’t game much on the PC and I have everything you mentioned but just liked you did a general idea rather then talk about gaming mouses and gaming keyboards.

Ivo Sotirov says:

I paused the video to check my phone 🙂

Dan MacPherson says:

man, i’m jealous of your setup; looks sick!

Zac P says:

USB Hooker.

Life of Lee Iv says:

I have everything u said and the keyboard is wired cause its mechanical. 😉

Sjrick says:

Nice job Steven !!

Alan AlbiRoy says:

USB hub link

Thomas Olrich says:

I learned today “You just never know” So I kept my wired keyboard and hdds.

DaBlueWombat says:

Just wanted to say for being a smaller channel you have very high production values. Audio and video are both superb. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming videos 😀

M Moon says:

good video man keep it up you’ll start getting places you’re videos have quality!

Michael Stokes says:

Well I mean if you use a PC that you built you’d have 8 or more USB ports…but ya know.

Jon Harrison says:

I have to agree with all of these and have them all, tried the wireless keyboard but it just ate batteries so back to the trusty old USB one 🙂 great video

zues121510 says:

I hate wireless. when the batteries run out you have to plug in a cable to charge the device, pretty much making the concept of wireless look pretty dumb.

I’ll only go to wireless when there are no power cables connected and my device will stay charged within 5 metres of my pc or some shit.

but that’s decades away, so I’m gonna do what I do and have a wired mouse, keyboard and headphones :p I also hate 3.5mm jack headphones because they require 3 cables, usb, mic and speakers. but I love single 3.5mm jack headphones for android and usb for pc.

the only wireless thing I am willing to use on my pc is my wii u pro controller (which i bought an adapter for) which has a godly battery, 80 hours on one charge. but I barely ever use it.

I don’t even use wifi, but I can’t send a cat5 cable through my house so I got a powerline.

Pranaya Shyoran says:

a wifi charger and receiver

ItsVicHD says:

What is the background on your moniter

James He says:

What if I run out of batteries?
I just plug it in via usb.

kiyasthriftycrafts says:

The audio isn’t coming through for me 🙁

Creative Monster says:

I use the same USB wired keyboard and tbh I love it.

lubedatube says:

I suggest going out to the park for a walk app

Mr. Rich B.O.B says:

It is so bloody hard to find a cheap keayboard, for me — I use a modified German layout…

shazil muhammad says:

usb hub ??

matthelr says:

Great video, hp Pavilian came with a hub but it always through errors

TrikShotMC says:

U deserve more subs

Abhi sharma says:

Hi steven
I am little bit confused..
I should buy a dell inspirion 5558(8gb ram, 4gb graphic card, i5) or mac mini(i7, 8gb ram)

Gary Walker says:

Man how do you get those shots that look like a roller coaster ? Please reply man I’m dying to know.

Matheus França says:

Nice video, what is this wallpaper??

Beatpath Sound says:

Good info, thx.


My coffee Mug warmer 

Alan Darnell says:

I really appreciate your video on USB

Maniac says:

You need this,but not necessarily this

BJ Hewitt says:

I have all those USB accessories you mentioned except I use a wireless keyboard instead of a USB keyboard. I have found the perfect one that works great for me. Great video. 

James He says:

My hard drive is extra “hard”.

I mean’t a solid state drive because it’s solid. Get your mind out of the gutter.

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