Mobile Phone USB Charger Spy Listening Gadget

Check out this highly covert, extremely inexpensive iPhone/Smartphone USB charger that also has the ability to listen in on conversations from any location using a GSM SIM card. Ideal for catching crooked employees or a cheating spouse. Enjoy the video!

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jennifer klopp says:

Hello. I’m wondering about another video, the diy Invisalign retainer video. Are you by any chance able to make one for me. Mine got cracked and I don’t have 200 to make another. I’d be willing to send a mold of my own mouth. I know it sounds weird. But I am not super hardware savy so I don’t think I could make one by myself. I’m happy to give you my email and to pay you for it.

Busted Nut Motorsports says:

What about the camera??? Wtf

ali Al hagoy says:

Is this product work 24 hour or when someone talk or any sound ?

A D says:

Just about the perfect listening device. Can the red led be turned off, that could be a problem or mask it. Also, this would be better if you could power it also via usb in. We always seem to forget about these burning down a persons house (UL listed) we may be bugging, with their knowledge of course.

4FunRC says:

Hey! *Eeek!* Freaky… right.

legitamigo 308 says:

Am pretty sure that they use those devices at hotels.

Gregorian M.G says:

Interesting stuff you’ve got there, I kind of outdated with this kind of technology

GunZTube1 says:


michael rhodes says:

red light never goes off after card insertion. text not working

Erik Burman says:

You mentioned that you were going to provide links for various SIM card services. Am I missing something? I can’t find the links.

Daniel Ochoa says:

Can you post a new link? The link posted is out of stock please thanks

Mike Meneray says:

very cool, wish i’d had this a few yrs ago in other living situation!

StrapOnSally says:

The uploader regularly complains about the evil gubmint spying on people.
Then he sells stuff like this.
Ironic really.

Thomas Fanning says:

The price is amazing, plus that could come in handy for many situations. Thanks for the video.

Erik Burman says:

So the weak link with this system seems to be with the SIM card. Most, if not all of the pre-paid services are good for one month whether you use the service or not, and then the excess is forfeited. These companies all seem to require a credit card to activate and then they will automatically charge to renew the service monthly unless you remember to call and cancel the service. Can you recommend a service that doesn’t require automatic renewal? Or maybe it’s best to just use a prepaid credit card so they can’t automatically charge for renewing the service? I now have a listening gadget but I’m kind of worried about these prepaid SIM card services with their gotchya’s. What would you recommend?

TheRadiogeek says:

Wow wild stuff! James Bond would have loved it.

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