Gadget Travel Tips + “USB Supercharger UFO” Review & GIVEAWAY!

Blunty offers up some tech based travel tips & Checks out the Cygnett “Supercharger UFO” 5 port USB Charger.
Review of the high capacity USB Battery charger;
I can shoot FOREVER! – The Best Powerbank Charger Thingy I’ve Found!
Leading up to my tip to the GTC 2016;



Darren Gator says:

Best travel tip I can give is have a check list of all items you are taking, lay out all of the items, go through the list to make sure you have everything then pack. On the day of travel check your items again to make sure that you have not left anything out or accidentally  removed an item, then do the same for your return trip home.

John Wilson says:

Best travel tip?Stay at home!..joke…best tip,the less stuff you have the more you will use it 🙂

jtTRIPPY says:

My travel tip is that when in a hotel room and are out of USB ports check the TV, with most flatscreen TV’s having a USB port I have found it really handy to charge things.

LoyalPin says:

Travel advice tip: bring a spare loo roll, you’ll never know when you might need it. You’ll thank me later.

TheUltrux says:

My best travel tip is that to bring something like a chromecast so if you get bored in a hotel room, you can watch videos or movies on the tv

Tonks Moriarty says:

Bring two phones that you’ll be comfortable using with you, and make sure at least one of them is unlocked so you can pop a local SIM card into it. I used this last year on a trip to Berlin and topped up the PAYG German SIM with enough credit to give me a comfortable use of data during my trip, without having to worry about the excessive data charges.

QuickNET Tech says:

Bring toilet paper and hand sanitizer with you in your bag while out and about. Some public bathrooms are likely to be disgusting/be out of toilet paper/have issues with the sink like a virtually nonexistent waterflow.

Sebastian Hurtz says:

best travel tech: leatherman :O

dtndtndtndtn says:

I don’t really travel much, the only thing I really do is make a checklist of everything I pack into my luggage so when travelling back I can check everything off to make sure I don’t leave anything behind.

The Bright Pixel says:

My best travel tip is this: If you want to eat street food like the locals do and not get sick, on arrival eat a tub of locally manufactured Yoghurt to put good local microbes in your stomach. I was given this tip 20 years ago and swear by it. I have seen others go down with ‘Bali belly’, while I have been A-OK, and always sample the local cuisine.

Bob Moreno II says:

I’ve been traveling with a slightly modified version of your setup. I do the single international adapter, but I don’t use a large power strip. Instead I go with a 2 meter AC power extension cable with 3 outlets on the end. One for my Anker PowerPort+ 6, and two for my non-usb devices. This way I don’t have to carry around the large hard power strip, and it still satisfies my power needs, but can be wrapped up into a smaller package. I believe this only works if you have one or two devices that need normal outlets since I haven’t been able to find a cable with more than three on it. You could bring an extract cable to get another two outlets.

I don’t have many devices that need to charge off regular outlets, they are mostly USB, so I mainly use the Anker PowerPort+ 6. I use several products from the Anker product line. I never had any issues with them. The PowerPort+ 6 is really nice because of the amps it can provide – check it out.

shaunosullivan111 says:

Best traveling tip; DONT travel with relatives.

Anthony Kase says:

Travel tip…
uhhh… Bring candy??
I havent traveled much XD

me217 says:

my best travel item is the fridge in the 4wd. and yes I’m talking about car travel not international travel. who would wanna leave this beautiful country anyway.

Dizzy Gear says:

That is definitely something neat to remember. The sad thing is that that Cygnett is only 1A per USB slot, so that means that charging can be quite slow unless you are just going to do it all night, which is never a bad thing.

One good travel tip regarding amperage is to check exactly what the usb amperage is and what kind of ‘push’ is needed for whatever electronics. I have a Blackberry that charges insanely slow using a normal 1A usb charger. I love my high capacity battery charger because it has at least 2 2.1A charge slots for quick charging when I just need a quick juice.

Chris says:

My favorite travel tip is eating ice cream on a long flight. I don’t know why, but it is absolutely amazing.

Phazox says:

As an IT guy, I always pack a small screwdriver kit filled with different bits when working with electronics or performing maintenance. It might be expensive or difficult to find a good kit but I know what give my brother when the screws from his MacBook Pro need to be tightened 🙂

Jack Crombie says:

Travel tip always double check what the room has where you are staying and don’t assume a thing. Favorite thing to take power board and extension cord

Tom12 says:

Use noise cancelling ear phones on a plane to block out crying baby’s and to avoid your ears popping.

Jejo199837 says:

Foreign Vending Machines

stavro says:

Using clean shirt instead of towel.
Dries by morning, remains clean (du-uh). Also, not having a towel leaves space in backpack for pistol-grip gimbal and one more lens.
Best common-sense-revelation on my travels, by far.

Erik Nyberg says:

My tip would be to absolutely bring that ridiculously heavy but fantastic lens that you think you might not need. The best shots will definitely be from that lens and make it worth lugging around that brick of glass.

A. Fadhil says:

Travel tip (light traveler):
Pack what you think you need for the duration of your travel,
now get rid of half of those items.
nothing worst than going on a 5 day hike just to find out you didn’t need your 3.5 pounds tripod!

jeromesm3 says:

Travel tip: Always carry an extra charger, memory, and batteries for all your electronics!

Utahrvarus says:

When I go on holiday I spend a few hours the week before I go looking for information not main stream about the place I am going to.
E.g tipping when eating out, some of the laws things like that, other people have been before you and may have found something that may interest you.

Miryn says:

Best travel tip..Hmm well thats hard as I have a few but if you are a frequent traveler I always suggest getting a Solar panel that can charge usb items and a large capacity battery to charge with it while you are out and about. Put it on the back of your backpack as a lot of them have the anchoring points and then relax in the knowledge that you have a strong back up power supply for usb items incase you cant find a plug for some reason or another.

James Rodgers says:

My best travel tip would be to put a bar of soap in your clothes bag – It keeps everything fresh and smelling good

Harry Westaway says:

My travel tip is to bring a penny skate board to ride through the endless kilometres of airport and to get around town. You can get some bungey cords to attach to your suitcase so you can carry it around with ease and have quick access to it!

Nikodem Eluszkiewicz says:

To pack all of your stuff to a small (brought onboard) plane luggage, roll every cloth/towel/whatever you can and then use the vacuum cleaner to get the air out of your bag. After that, tie the bag very tight and just place it in your travel bag/suitcase.

Federico Feroldi says:

Best travel tip is to bring only essential things: as much as things can go wrong you’ll be able to find not essential things on place. Think about shampoo, toothpaste, pants and clothes for every day (you can hand wash if you have changing for just a couple days). Also if you bring extra shoes always remember to fill them with socks and pants.

Joel Henry says:

get a travel sim, so you don’t have to pay for hotel wifi or hang around coffee shops

Gothika_47's Highlights says:

Favorite travel tech for the past time has been a Xiaomi battery pack. Keeps my huge phone charged and i can just fast swap batteries from my camera so i never run out of battery.

LokkyKay says:

Yo Nate, the best travel tip i can say would be to get travel insurance. Also take as many camera batteries and data storage as possible.

Pani_Oniisama Joannou says:

I have a tip, I do this all the time when I am traveling I seem to always forget my charger, so what I do is I keep 2 spare USB cables in my inner pocket so I can charge my phone on a nearby USB socket.

SuperLemonadeGamer says:

My favorite Travel Tech is a 5000 mAH Battery Bank I got as a gift, plus having a USB charger for my 3DS so if the battery goes low on the plane flight I’ll be able to charge it, I’ve been using it around the house because I have a big trip coming up at the end of the year so I’m putting it through its paces now.

Murphy Dan says:

My travel tip? Always bring 2. Charging cables, USB adapters, power adapters etc. There’s always the chance for them to break (#applecables) and being stuck without one sucks.

AJCFilmproductions says:

More so aimed at small domestic flights, but my travel tip is bring a small phone stand and load your phone with movies, you’ll be the envy of everyone else as these flights usually don’t have in seat entertainment. I even made one from cardboard once. (Also don’t forget them headphones so you can actually hear your movie)

reagan M says:

Something I bring with me when I travel is a in in-car charger that can charge a USB device and almost any laptop.

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