Gadget Review – WIFI Waterproof Endoscope Inspection Camera

Our honest and unbiased product review of the Wifi iOS iPhone Android Borescope Endoscope Camera 2.0 Megapixels HD 6 Leds 8mm IP67 720P Tube Waterproof Snake Inspection camera

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Model No: wifi endoscope
Lens Diameter:8.0MM
Lens:2M Pixel CMOS camera, 6leds
Resolution 640*480,1280*720
Cable Length:1m/2m/3.5m/5m
Sensor Size:1/5 inch
Frame Rate: 30fps
View Angle:70 degree Focal distance: 4-10CM.
Transmission distance: Within 5-30m
Waterproof level:IP67
Exposure Light: Automatic
Operating Temperature: 0 degree to 70 degree
Power Supply: built in battery(500mAh)
Support computer: ios Android Windows
Photo Format: MJPEG
Video Format: AVI

1X Endoscope Camera
1X Wifi Box
1X Small Hook
1X Magnet
1X Side Mirror
1X Fixed Set
1X Sucker
1X Manual Book

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jonathan Clark says:

Hello not sure if someone can help me but im trying to reset a Dell inspiron 17R N7110 i brought it from someone else they dont know the code to the account its registered on.Thanks!!!

builtrodewreckedit says:

That’s pretty cool and for the price looks really good. I could see 3d printing some flexible joints or clips to hold a solid copper wire and make it more steerable… I think i need one of those.

Shaun Whiteley says:

Thanks for vid but I’m missing your CNC videos. Are you going to go back to them? Your Mach3 ones were / are excellent!

scott thompson says:

cool wifi

Mark Neff says:

I just seen a video with that scope being used to look at the inside of a air compressor tank. They was checking to see how bad it was rusted. They got scared and stopped using it. Due to it could become a bomb. If the thing would blow with a full tank of air. It could seriously injure somebody with all that shrapnel inside the tank.

Ray R says:

Spend the extra $10 for the wireless version of the endoscope, like the one in this video. The wired version is basically useless to use remotely, unless you like dragging your laptop or desktop pc on site where you need the camera. Most all phones and tablets will not work with the wired version as their OTG function does not support video devices, no matter what the Chinese advertise. Been there. Get the wifi version!

brass monkey says:

I watched a video of a guy going into the spark plug hole on a lawnmower that had an issue with sputtering and saw it was caked with carbon and he used sea foam to fix the problem by starting the mower and spraying into the carb a few good sprays then flooding it causing it to stall. Then he took the spark plug back out and propped the mower so that he had the motor right side up with the piston straight up and added a cap full into the spark plug hole to coat the piston cleaning the carbon completely out.

James Kappel says:

cool gadget

gene mayne says:

hi GuruBrew, odd it gives me all system right..But not the Microsoft – Windows 7 Professional (x64) key is not the same as what is printed on my pc all the rest is spot on but not Microsoft key this is from an old video you did any help to sort

kkuenzel56 says:

The video has a lot of latency. I wonder if that’s because of the camera being wireless.

ElTelBaby says:

… GR8 Find … Thanks 4 Sharing

Dean Mires says:

I bought the non-wifi version, and I was less than impressed. That module makes all the difference! I think that I’m going to order that version.

Jan van Lient says:

The ideal gadget for when you lose something in your intestines!

Roc Honey says:

Hi, we also have wireless endoscope, would you like to help us do a video on your Youtube? Thank you.

Jim Jacques says:

this should be perfect to watch my cnc router bit from inside the dust shoe, thanks for sharing

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