First look: Hyper USB-C Hub for 2018 iPad Pro

The Hyper USB-C Hub for 2018 iPad Pro is available to back on Kickstarter. Early backers can score one for $49. Full preview:


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Ramon Key says:

A regular dongle costs $49.99 so if I can use an sd card and usb with the hdmi I’m ahead of the game for my presentations definitely a winner when producing music . I hope they reach their goal of $100K get these guys on Shark Tank lol

daniel_960_ says:

Is the usb c only power or data too?

Been There says:

Can you charge the IPad while the hyper drive is connected?

Eric Beltran says:

Apple hobby making things more complicated.

Giri Kumar says:

Will I be able to able to save my work to an external Hard Drive?

William says:

Can I get it in the uk

Jay Howard says:

At that point just buy a laptop.

fivezeroniner says:

that lighting logo beside the usb c port is it thunderbolt? or just power indicator? MISLEADING designs.

melinda meijer says:

Wonder does it connect when you have a CASE on it?

Skyler Kite says:

Are these available?

serdar oz says:

Bu ürün türkiye’deki mağazalarda satılıyor mu?

Jack Rodgers, Jr. says:

What’s the difference between this and a regular hub with a cable attachment which would eliminate a lot of the risk?

Larry Tellinghusen says:

What, no Apple dongle swag. Oh me oh my and they’ve worked so hard to market them to the sheeple. Never fear folks at least they’ll still be a growth attached to your iPad that’s gotta account for something, no

Edward James says:

Do you have any updates on when this Hub will become available?

Eman M says:

Who’s iPad Pro is bent? Mine looks slightly off I don’t know if I should return it

Jet Zee says:

you buy above 1k dollar drvice without those important port me.God

Jeff Terrell says:

I feel like I’d rather have the hub sitting on the desk with a short USBc cable up to the iPad.

pepperoni dave says:

If you drop ur ipad with that thing on, it’s game over

Logan says:

Won’t work with a case on 🙁

Brian Tameta says:

You’ve got some big ass hands dude.

viridisman says:

But does it kill the WiFi?

laa vie says:

well that looks like shit

Javier Hernandez says:

Does this work with an Android phone though 0_o crucial, crucial formation.

Liam Dale says:

Until Apple issues an update which enables you to use USB devices (e.g. an external hard drive) with your 2018 iPad Pro, this hub is basically useless.

47crazed says:

It would be great if the hub is hiding behind the ipad.

Radek Vašíček says:

USB Flash drive will function properly?

Cactus Tweeter says:

Looking forward to what you can do with this adapter.

bekir sivri says:

do you know this works with MacBook ?

Mehmet Erol KARA says:

We can connect GPU with Type-C port. I want learn can we connect GPU to New IPad Pro

serdar oz says:

How many GB can SD card be used? Is this device warming up? Does the HDMI image quality drop? In which store is this product sold? How much is the price of this product?

berk arslan says:

Can you charge and listen to music at the same time?

Ville Ville says:

go wireless or go home. seriously get a desktop computer if you need to connect several cables.

Sxge plays says:

Now can we plug this in a type c phone

Carlton Gamble says:

……….No!….No! No! No!


Apple is going back to 2000 Hub

Mike Müller says:

…or more importantly for transferring documents?

Mike Müller says:

Does the USB-C port can be used only for charging (like other hubs) or can it be used also for transferring for example photos with data?

Mike Müller says:

Well, on Kickstarter they say that the USB-C port is for data and charging. But why is there a little “lightning” (that symbolizes charging) next to the USB-C port when it could be also used for connecting USB-C data.

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