Desktop Fridge USB Cooler – Is It Crap?

Today we take a up close look at the Desktop Fridge USB Can Cooler available online. This “cool” usb gadget is a single can fridge that you can power off your computer or USB charger device.

This cool tech gadget is available in both

Is it crap is the YoutTube show that takes a look and reviews cool USB gadgets, computer gadgets, cool tech gadgets and usb toys. We look for the items that seems to good to be true and ask the question…. Is is crap?

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Richard Gray says:

if you turn it upside down it will probably work much better as cold air falls downwards over the drink. cooling a drink from the bottom is not the best idea.

Guyb says:

Crack open a cold one with the boys

Haktan Polat says:

good channel you have a new subsicriber

My Almost Relevant Life says:

Not what I expected this to be. I’ve seen it around and thought it looked cool, but now….glad I didn’t pick it up!

Thanks for the video!

Ben Bathurst says:

later…. not latter

Frank Newberry says:

This channel is crap.

tom0900060 says:

are you simon pegg’s brother

Bio Hacker TV says:

I think I may get one if I cut the top off the fridge and put a cap on it to put a taller drink in there like a monster

Caiden Crawford says:

It is designed to keep already cool drinks cool and the l position on the switch is for cooking and the ll position is for heat and by the way you can in fact get a bigger version of this that you can fit two regular cans in and a bottle too just make sure before you put a drink in it is cool it is just designed to keep your beverage cool

GothicKittyMadness says:

72 degrees??? That’s hot as fuck!

ba sniperbeast says:

Do u have to use a computer for it to work

Atheon says:

Does it work connecting to an Xbox one USB?

MaLcoLm B Anderson says:

I’m curious as to what it does over night. How cool will the pop get?

Nick Sigal says:

Can you use it with a power bank?

Tabitha K says:

A redbull drink won’t fit in there, right?

Bio Hacker TV says:

inside there is a Pelletier cooler it’s a wafer that sucks Heat from one side and transfers it to the cooling fans on the other side

armando sandin says:

I’ve just got this from thinkgeek, I bought two (well, one was for free) for 10 bucks. It’s not worth it, it just looks cool in your desk, but it’s not efficient.I’ve placed a room temp. can into it, stayed for like 8-9 hours, it’s just not warm, but neither cold.Don’t waste your money if you pretend to cool your beverages, they just keep it chill longer.

audrey g says:

more than most likely it is cooled by a thermoelectric cooler aka a Peltier cooler


No Monster not worth it

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