Creative X-Fi Go! Pro USB Soundcard Unboxing & Review

Here’s my quick un-boxing and review of the Creative X-Fi GoPro USB Sound card, enjoy!


Beth Tran says:

I do not have a headphone, can I connect a microphone and a speaker to this Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Go! ? Thanks

ZZstaff says:

It is a little difficult to see, and you did not mention it, do you have a music creation mode and game mode?

Thank you.

Emmett Richburg says:

I’m using it on virtual dj some times I get distortion in music so I returned it and bought another one and the new on doing the same thing

gmodertom says:

@JohannAllag Hi, I am using a Razer Carcharias Headseat and it sounds great! even though the headset is only 2 channel it sounds like surround sound when you enable virtual surround. Also the Senheiser headset you mentioned is quite expensive so maybe if you have enough money go for something like the Titanium, it depends how much you want to spend.

Hindol Adhya says:

If it has a warranty, get a replacement.

metal571 says:

how’s the noise on the mic input on this? i get really annoyed by the hiss that comes out of a mic plugged into my x-fi xtremegamer. i’m aware the the x-fi fatal1ty is very much noiseless. is this like that?

TrueType says:


algatronalgirdas says:

probably not, every sound card need a driver to be installed into PC


You speakers on the laptop shuts down, because people usually use headphones because they don’t to disturb anybody around. But you can do output audio from both.. Google it.. I used to play a games in headphones while listening to music on my speakers…

Rick Steigers says:

It’s a lot better than the pre-installed shitty sound cards that come with PC’s! I have been using it for live playing with PA active speakers for 7 years and had no problems. I guess it fits my needs!

Gareth Williams says:

Aren’t you experiencing any issues with glitchy / lagging sound? I bought a Go Pro and the thing has some serious latency problems, out of the box at least. And it’s not like I’m even a gamer or anything like that, this is just for watching videos and listening to music/podcasts on my generic dual-core 2GB laptop (working around a faulty headphone socket). The equalizer and stuff are all turned off, naturally.

Iwan W says:

I bought this some days ago, it sounds great, but it is very loud, I’m using 2% volume for headphones. My headphones doesn’t have any volume adjustment switch. -_-

gmodertom says:

@gooberpants1 not sure, I thought Direct X was to do with graphics not sound?

KogRob March says:

Do u have to an asio4all problem with this card and what mic input do u use when recording

Chris Hill says:

@gmodertom Thanks anyway. =) I tried that Vienna sound-font studio but it doesn’t even load because it is not compatible. =(


gmodertom says:

@jguedj03 Well my PC already had OK audio in it but it wasn’t brilliant and yes I did notice a slight improvement but once you activate the surround feature and the crystaliser it improves further. I bought this as a replacement for my other soundcard that broke (it was a creative X-Fi extreme gamer which I got about 4 or 5 years ago) and like I said in the video this one sounded just as good to me 🙂

missberetta2 says:

a quastion please? Those this card has the sound banks and chargeable soundfonts typical of every creative cards?

UIID Thail says:

i want link to Download
Enterainment Console
Plz. sent to me. (Window7 64Bit)

Chris Hill says:

I just bought this card today. Overall, it’s awesome. The one con from me is that it is not a “sound-font” card. That was the main reason I bought an external card for my laptop. I really want to upload a certain sound-font file that I used to use on my old computer. The sounds were great. Any suggestions? =)

Lifted Andreas says:

You could also get a splitter, to have speakers and headphones plugged in at the same time 😉

DutchPs3Gamers says:

I’ve had this card for a few months now and It’s very good. But since a week or two It wouldn’t work properly, caus I had to bend the card a bit upwards or it wouldn’t work for some reason, I never dropped it at all or inflicted any damage to it so I just don’t understand. Now it stopped working completely…

gmodertom says:

@JohannAllag Yea its a good card, lol I had just logged on to my PC not long after you posted it that’s why I was so fast 🙂

Ficur Kovalovski says:

Hi, have one question..bought this card for my laptop..sound comes from headpohes jack on it but not from built speakers on laptop? how comes that?

Shirley A. says:

i have one of these that i found i have no idea what is its purpose can someone please explain

scyllabub says:

DISASTER! I’ve just ordered one of these because my inbuilt sound card doesn’t have StereoMix and I have to record “what u hear” from RecPlayback – which means that if I mute the volume, say when I watch TV, I get no sound on the recordings. I’ve been using an external speaker with volume control to get over the problem, but do not want to have to use one, hence ordered the SB. I’m gutted!

Wezilla says:

Does this sound loud same as on XFI SOUND CARD ? I always use headphone as I’m hearing impaired

metal571 says:

@gmodertom no i have a fatal1ty headset with an excellent mic. the cheaper x-fi pci cards have a noticeable mic input hiss regardless of what mic you use, but usb soundcards tend not to have that problem, that’s why i asked. thanks. in fact i use a separate usb soundcard for my headset mic only to alleviate the problem

gmodertom says:

@sonobl Ive not experienced this problem myself, do you have the latest drivers/software from the creative website? if not that may fix it.

Andrew Paulikas says:

hey, can I use this for my ps3?

Poison Dart says:

It’s a piece of garbage, save your money and buy something else.

test2 says:

Nice review!

gmodertom says:

@homelessactor I can’t really help sorry, I’ve never used soundfonts myself, There is a piece of software on the creative site called Vienna sound-font studio but I’m not sure if it is compatible with this device. You could download it and see anyway..

Declan says:

My laptop head phone jack broke would this be good to use instead?

Andrew Paulikas says:

i want to know this also

Litoo Luciano says:


gmodertom says:

yea you cant output the sound through inbuilt speakers, the sound comes from the jack on the sound card only.

Karthus84 says:

Maybe you only have a single core CPU or maybe not the minimum specs. I have this and I get no lag or delayed sound at all…

gmodertom says:

@metal571 Hi, Ive tested the microphone on my headset a few times and there was no hiss at all, It could be you microphone that is causing the hiss maybe? cheaper mics can do that although mine is not expensive and it is perfectly fine.

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