CRAZY USB Accessories Found On AMAZON – Top 10

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Shop10Archive! See what I did there? SHOP 10Archive! Ha! I know.. you guys hate my puns.. Well, in case you haven’t seen, we’ve been covering quite a few “shopping lists” from Amazon, from silly tech gadgets to drones and, wouldn’t you know, I’m back to throwing things into my shopping cart! This time around, I’m finding all sorts of funky things to stick in my USB drive.

10. Circus Cannon

9. Lighting for Hydroponics Greenhouse Garden

8. Stress Ball

7. Optical Illusion Desk Lamp

6. Mouse Jiggler

5. Hand Warmers

4. Disco Lights

3. Endoscopic Camera

2. Plasma Ball Lamp

1. Mini-Fridge

Voice Over Talent:


Kevin Lane says:

I like your countdowns, but I think it needs a little less sarcasm. The mini fridge is okay, but if there were a mini fridge big enough for a 2 liter bottle of soda, then I’d be interested.

Küchenpandas says:

You should do these kind of Videos on Aliexpress or some other chineses websites. They have the weirdest stuff over there :O

Jack Ryan says:

That mini fridge is goals

malighn says:

there’s just something about mini fridges. O_O

Phyroteknik says:

this channel died?>

Het Atef says:

I have a battery operated plasma ball, every time its on my cats go crazy its hysterical. Got a gadget that takes pictures of picture hating cats? Lol

poody fighterlover says:


Tasmimur Reza says:

i wish i have the voice like yours man

Nicole Skinner says:

Jim is awesome

Eric Cook says:

Cool stuff I love thing like this

paragon gamer says:

( -_- )

syiva shakti says:

crazy indeed….L O L

kitty love 3 !!! says:

I am top 10 th. Lol

ThisIsLotso says:

Welcome to SHOP 10 Archive!

shahid khan says:

“Coming to a theater near you”…..

Mystic Productions says:

I forgot, what is the a m a z o n ?

odin theriault says:

Should do a vat19 shopping list 🙂

Hoàng Kim Việt says:

A hilarious starting :0

Groot says:

You _sure_ that’s a stress reliever?

Jewelry Limited says:


Grey Warden and Champion of Kirkwall says:

I think I could need that mouse jiggler at work. If my two screens go dark it can easily happen that one of them stays dark and I have to shut the computer down and restart it to make it work again (and even then it might take a couple of tries). So far I can only repeatedly change the energy options for the screens to never go dark (and yes, I have to change them repeatedly because after a while they are switched back to their default option of letting the screen go dark after five minutes of inactivity).

Jose Medina says:

Top 10 archives best top 10 countdown s

Frank Hiltz says:

Okay I’m sold on the plasma ball.

MarkusTegelane says:

Stupid pun

daniel Jones says:

Why does this channel have so little views and 1 million subs?

john giovanini says:

just fill a cooler with ice & beer and set it next to yr desk, It’s like Heaven lol

Mohamed Shwesh says:

the thumb nail…
i see what you did there
i see it

hernan lazo says:


fyntology says:


Lars-iver Espeland says:

You just bought my like

Tonka DRIVER says:

Anyone else think Jim sounds like Space Ghost?

MANNY~EmberDim says:

lol! At the jab at WatchMojo! xD

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