AmazonBasics USB keyboard & mouse review

I’m not a fan of chiclet-style keyboards, but this one is surprisingly good, with a nice tactile feel — although its glossy finish is a fingerprint magnet. The mouse also works well but its high resolution (1000 DPI) may make it too fast unless you can turn down the sensitivity.


MMID303 says:

i dont know how often you buy new products to review, but im requesting a review of a cd/radio boombox. Preferably the Panasonic RX-D55GC-K on Amazon. It’s around $140.

nilz23 says:

What’s the rollover of this keyboard?

Cookie :`D says:


Omar Frias says:

What operating system was loaded into the computer?

TheCanadianToast says:

I do not own the AmazonBasics USB keyboard, however I do own the AmazonBasics USB mouse though for my laptop. It is a good mouse, for people with small hands. I still use it, even though my hands are big… Welp.

howtobebasic1 says:

im surpised amazon is making their own products its mostly a no name chinese keyboard with their name stuck on it

Dwayne Yrn says:

apparently the keys are very responsive but what are the ghosting capabilities on the usual layouts (arrow keys wasd with space

Andrew Dias says:

What is your favorite rubber dome?

dizzxy says:

wasn’t necessary going to watch a review of my keyboard and mouse but here it is.

mipmipmipmipmip says:

Why would Amazon enter the low-cost computer peripheral business? one would think this market is already fully saturated? Maybe companies but this in large quantities just for the ease of procurement, and it’s a step into the office supply business?

Steven Smyth says:

First of all, I like my Apple aluminum keyboard.

Second, I have this same thing with a Dell logo at my work. We have Optiplex 3090s there and the vast majority of them have the crappy, “full travel” rubber dome things with the key caps just slightly smaller than normal. This is enough to turn me into the sloppiest typist ever.

I found my Dell at the thrift store, new in the box for 5 bucks and I sprang. I stealthed it into work (our IT department makes bringing your own keyboard or mouse harder than getting the low bid on a government contract) and I’m now wayyy more productive. If you’re used to chiclet, scissor switch keyboards, you can’t go wrong with the Amazon version.

Also, where can I get a copy of the 80’s Test Track? I love it.

Toxy says:

1000 too high? I use 2600 at all times! The keyboard would drive me nuts though, Chiclet keys are painful to type on, makes my hand ache after minutes that’s why I don’t use a laptop much

TheCentral24- Tutorials, Gaming, and more! says:

2:40(or start screen)

Christopher Sobieniak says:

I’m still amused Amazon could have it’s own budget store brand thing going for them!

Gabriel Sever says:

I think I saw that your name is Kevin on the Amazon account thing?

Commenting Account says:

My personal favorite keyboard is the original Apple Pro keyboard. Even today’s non-Apple keyboards don’t seem to compare, unless they are extremely nice mechanical ones.

bazump says:

This is not a standard keyboard layout. F-keys are all fucked up

Garrettb214 says:

I have one of these keyboards and mice and they are great for me!

TempAccess says:

this one helped me! thanks

b0gl extra says:

haha the benway reference at the end is gold

patriotbarrow says:

The mouse and keyboard have been manufactured by Genius for at least 4 years. I know because I’ve had the exact keyboard, but Genius-branded (slimstar i220) since about 2012, possibly earlier than that. You can also find the same keyboard in wireless form as an ASUS

234laptop says:

What is the song at the beginning

GamingGuy800 says:

Love the Steve Benway reference towards the end.

Peter W says:

That keyboard typing sound is actually really nice. I could listen to that all day XD

Isaac Wright says:

That is a cool looking keyboard and mouse.

theLuigiFan0007 says:

I was wondering on how good they keyboards and mice Amazon makes were, because I had bought a USB cable and it worked very well. Those look to be of fairly decent quality and the keyboard seems to be springy enough and not mushy (I hate those mushy feeling keyboards XD). If I remember correctly they have Bluetooth ones as well, which I was considering getting for a computer plugged into the TV a little while back.

An external HDD I have does not work with ANY other cable I have other then the AmazonBasics one or the manufacturer’s one (which wore out after a year or two). It draws so much power when it spins up that the voltage drop is too great for it to handle with a cheap standard mini usb cable. I figured out it has to be at least 22-20 gauge wiring at a length of 3 feet depending on the metal, not that junk magnet wire thin stuff in a lot of USB cables. If you need a thick cable that barely drops any voltage and dosen’t even get warm on a 3A wall adaptor for a tablet, go grab a AmazonBasics one. Could not find a decent thickness USB cable for that low a price anywhere else.

anson says:

Dude, upgrade your camera please 🙂

JoKo12PL says:

Who’s on that wallpaper?

Anthony Mondz says:

I got the Dell version

Evan C says:

gotta love the spongebob stickers on his laptop

clash says:

what operaing system is this?

Broken Potato Gaming says:


That’s the keyboard I use XD

Benji Martwick says:

how do you have the windows 10 logo on your windows key? all of the versions on have the older style, which one did you buy to get this? please let me know as soon as you can. thank you!

ethefire says:

I don’t understand why so many people hate chiclet (or however you spell it) keyboards. I honestly like them better. Not that i have anything against mechanical keyboards (i even use one for my main pc), but i hate the clicks and clacks mechanical keyboards make. it sounds like i’m typing on a 80s computer instead of a new one. The chiclet keys feel fine to me and are a lot quieter too. As long as they aren’t mushy feeling (like on cheap keyboards and laptops).

Graeme Marshall says:

I use their wired and wireless mice. Didnt expect them both to be different shapes though when they arrived

sushi dream says:

how did you change your windows xp theme color?

Badass Turtle says:

uuuuuu windows xp

Gouki says:

I see you’re a man of taste and culture. #windowsXP

robertsd247 says:

I prefer the Logitech K120 keyboard and Logitech M100 mouse. Cost is a tad higher but I like the feel. Plus they are cheap and easily replaciable when one of the kids spills something on it or some other catastrophe.

Dr. Pavel I'm CIA says:

I think those media keys are standardized. It may be that the keyboard sends the XF86AudioMedia keycode and Ubuntu looks for XF86Music to launch a music player. I’m fairly sure that’s fixable in the keyboard settings.

Thitichai Ratanavises says:

little bit clicky but is ok
i love it

z0mgn0es says:

1000 DPI? That’s it? My mouse runs @ 3200 DPI. 😮

StankGoblin says:

the filming looks like its from 2008

Nexusfox says:

Use to own the amazon keyboard back in 2013 with that same pc LOL I loved that keyboard a lot tbh.

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