5 USB Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

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SYMLIS Sparrow a http://igg.me/at/symlisspr
Couchlet http://trident-design.com/
iShowFast http://igg.me/at/ishowfast/x
inCharge http://incharge.rocks
MicFlip http://bit.ly/1hG7uVX
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Pie POstar says:


Mikael Edman says:


James Wagland says:

All the products in this video were just overpriced USB cables. How are they gadgets???

Adrian Howell says:

7:04 of my life wasted.

Ryan Banks says:

The guy in the last product must have thought he was auditioning for an Old Spice advert, what a bellend!

Moose says:

I was actually interested in the last one until I saw the price, went HOW MUCH?! and decided I’ll just plug it in the right way round. Hell I can buy 20 cables for the cost of a single one of those and not worry about losing them.

Liam De Jong says:

The video that was cut short at the end was the closest to actually influencing me to buy one of these avoidable pieces of garbage. Never mind then.

Anwarul karim says:

most of these video parts
are incomplete!

Dizzy 034 says:

I may not be a native english speaker but i know how to do ads.. Most of those are actually shit! Three of them are hard to understand bc of hard accent… (Subtitles? rly?) others are Apple-ish things like “re-inventing” extsting things… (that may be more like a stupid gadget than a bad ad) and the last one is just stupid… AND WHY THE FUCK DOES IT END IN THE MIDDLE OF IT?

CK SM says:

I wanted to hit that asian guy so bad!

NotaHipster says:

What would happen with Symlis sparrow

Stranger – hey may I borrow your lightning cable

Me – gives cable

Stranger – Oooooooh yeah

JB Gaming says:

wow, has it come to a point where you cant live without your phone for a second?

Supernova 63 says:

FYI my mind is still intact

Fiver says:

*Thanks for Watching!*

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Erand Smakaj says:

commercial video + extension cable = kickstarter campaign

Dillan Hart says:

Things that blew my mind on this list:0amount of things on this list that should have had a 10,000 miliamphour on the product:5

scikick says:

So basically,
a usb cable with some storage
a usb cable that is super long
a usb cable that is super small
a usb cable that is super durable
and a flash drive with lightening?

Whoa, these *really* blew my mind.

Guy On A Budget says:

omg is that the guy from final destination 1!

DaLeRaWrJaCkMaN says:

I’m going to pretend this video was a joke as I literally need none of these products!

sands1973 says:

baaam… my mind is blown. oh wait. it’s not. 😀
this is stupid.

Alex Zafi says:

couchlet is a stupid idea…has anyone ever used an Extension Cord? Those things are amazing! …I can put it anywhere a couchlet CANT go!…maybe I ll make an extension -extension cord.

Noah McKee says:

problem is this is all for ios. it is not so hard and that isn’t the worlds first multi directional usb cable. the I flip isn’t worlds first either. I’ve seen plenty of usb/lightning cable or micro usb flash drives for years. so a word to adds, don’t pute a worlds first label on your product because me and everyone else can prove that wrong just by searching it.

Mikael Edman says:

have seen too many like this one

Schach Matt says:

city wok

Logan Hoffner says:

i dont know is it nylon braided? you never told me. OMG IM IN SO MUCH SUSPENSE!

Vj says:

@2:41 Epic ;p

bigcrowfly says:

Problem with ISHOWFAST, the 3rd item, is that if you use a case like the Otterbox defender, you cannot use it because the item’s lighning connector does not stick out enough to reach the port on the phone.

c0c0asauce says:

Most of this shit just complicates a process that already exists…

Robert Potter says:

For the couchlet why wouldn’t I just buy a longer cable.I mean you can buy a 30 foot charger

Charlotte Chiu says:

The 1 inch usb cable, the guy called carlo sounds a bit like casper lee don’t you agree?

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