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lets check out 3 different usb gadgets. I’m running out of room on my desk!
Astro light-http://www.sciencemuseumshop.co.uk/technology/computing_phones/astro_light_spaceman_usb_light.htm
Flash drive- http://ohthethingsyoucanbuy.com/product/16-gb-metal-gun-shaped-usb-flash-drive/
Plasma Ball- http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/964e/

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happylittlepercy says:

James bond could use the USB gun

Hipster_Guy says:

I’m pretty sure i’ve seen you before…

Nada Mehar says:

From were did u get that gun usb and plasma light

Clear Adventure says:

A plama-ball that could somehow be used as a mouse would be very interesting if they invent it!

Kaysha Shaw says:

is a pound a dollar



Zofia Milejski says:

Hi Andrew,I have a friend called Andrew Elliott

Roy says:

11 pounds for that little USB light? omg…

a19er829 says:


Mr. Perfect says:

pls open the plasma boll and see whats inside it

the Diamond DJ says:

I absolutely love the plasma light

Lucky says:

wait mist8k I did not know you used another channel

TheVirtualdv says:

the plasma ball is cool

ZippyZipra says:

mist8k has two channels? Cool.

Cheif Hound says:

Do a gadget review on battroborg battling robots please that would be awesome

Vanessa Morales says:

only you remember plasma disks

Gary says:

It looks like you’re looking into the center of the fucking sun

Taylor Szettella says:

Review your face

Furry Cancer says:

i do

Ballistic Bullet says:

Why not make a gun hidden as a usb

a19er829 says:

Is that you?

AlexMdle says:

I had a sudden mental whiplash at 2:50+.

/I know that track./

hallo5454 says:


Daniel Robinson says:

I got that Plasma Ball, so cool!

Nathan Wright says:

What shop did you get them from?

Zofia Milejski says:

the astro light looks soooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

Mat TB says:

is it me or is this guy trying to hard to be austin evans

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