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1000x Digital microscope: http://www.gearbest.com/microscopes-endoscope/pp_350919.html?lkid=10804457

In this video I unbox and review a 1000x Digital microscrope. Watch the video to find out if it actually stands up to its name.

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BrutalCykx says:

2:12 USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0, so why would this not work inside your computer’s USB 3.0 port?

رجہلے أسہہتثنائہيے says:

كم السعر

KX36 says:

Bullshit. This is not 1000x. When I examine blood under the microscope professionally, it’s at 200-500x. If it was 1000x, a blood cell would fill most of the screen.

John Matthews says:

what a great video, really enjoyed it

Joe Duke says:

Also, I can honestly say, the color is crap!!

omri nir says:

what do you think of this microscope on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/232758891787

Marco Freire says:

I have one of those and it sucks

Lucie Crystal says:

Thanks, this was really helpful!

Daniel Ribas Tandeitnik says:

So, I recently bought one. I’m really jealous of yours, mine didn’t come with a nice support like yours.. Anyway, it’s in fact a fun little device and it’s really cheap, thumbs up for that, but the 1000x is a lie! It gives tops 150x to 170x. I made a simple measure: I zoomed the calibration ruler sheet on the 0.1 mm marker with the higgest, 1000x, magnification. In my computer screen the 0.1 mm gap was measuring 1.5 cm (I measured with a ruler haha). So, 1.5 cm / 0.1 mm gives you 150x magnification… not at all close to the 1000x.

Yeah, the 1000x is a big fat lie. Yeah, the support is shitty as hell and that makes your life a pain. Yeah, the fact that the light source comes from above will make a lot of things impossible to see due to the reflection. But, since it’s really cheap and it’s kinda easy to handle, it’s worth as a toy/gimmick. Maybe it can be useful too as a tool, denpending on what you’re doing.

munirah mikrobiology says:

I have been bought but there is no CD drive they put on it. So what will i do?

Good Girl says:

Hi miibooth fantastic video, I want to find out is the difference in 500 to 1000 meant anything really and I feel from your review that they’re pretty much the same as you said you don’t think it’s a 1000 🙂

ATHE says:

i have a carson smaller one and beats this shit!!!

Mike VanIn says:

Your rating for this fraudulent product claim is excessively high (the magnification is 20 times *worse* than claimed) and misleading to your viewers. I, for one, will take everything you say with a pinch of salt (for non-English speakers; it means that I will be very skeptical of MiiBooth’s reviews and other statements).

Alex Balea says:

Do you know where I can find one that is accesibile and has the real 1000x ?

Simple Hacks says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uKvS33pKWs watch to make the similar one at home

ConfusionFusion says:

Based on your measurements, it’s safe to say that you’re right about the manufacturer of that scope lying about its magnification, because unless the fabric you have under the scope is made from some alien yarn, the diameter of each yarn (what you’re calling a fiber) would measure around 0.1mm, not 0.08mm. This means the magnification claim is off by a factor of 10, so it’s actually a 100x scope. This also aligns with the fact that honest scope manufacturers only sell this type of scope with a magnification rating of 100x. To get a 1000x magnification, you need a laboratory microscope.

Guess I should have read the comments first. I see that I’ve come late to the “revealing this scope isn’t a 1000x mag” game. It is a cool cheap scope, but for people who buy without educating themselves first it’s got to be so disappointing. I don’t think it deserves your rating of an 8. Maybe if they were honest to begin with it would have earned an 8, but as it is they’ve earned my rating of a 2.

Emerso Alvarado says:

Where can I buy it?

Mastiff Myths, Legends and Lore says:

What a piece of shit waste of money

telkon says:

1000x digital fuck.

Marzuki Alfalah says:

Ooh gitu

Vorname Nachname says:

Am i hearing an indian accent? They flood us! Go away!

Rachan Neamprasert says:

The included driver from CD is not working on windows 10

shockie paul says:

I’m so glad I watched this as I have just got one of line to fix a tiny chip on a TV circuit board.. Cool vid mate.

__Arda Tumer__ says:

hey bro ı m open camapp but off camapp error help me please

Dafilgo Fernandes says:

I can do that with my smart phone zoom app also with smart tools app magnifier nothing so fancy in it. it uses the same sensor.

Gary Munro says:

I bought one of these was so poor even my phone was better

zapro_dk says:


Elektronik Atölyem says:


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