10 Awesome Gadgets from Aliexpress!

• Drone – http://ali.ski/0ZV7Q
• Vegetable wrapper – http://ali.ski/xzPdQ
• Speaker – http://ali.ski/2jq0eg
• Rubber Gun – http://ali.ski/2yS2A
• USB Card – http://ali.ski/JTeSDP
• Bird – http://ali.ski/eL0Zm
• Soap dispenser – http://ali.ski/G7LwY
• Stirling Engine – http://ali.ski/3H0dJ
• Wine cork – http://ali.ski/MYJivu
• Nozzle – http://ali.ski/F8xWs
• Screwdrivers set – http://ali.ski/21kLq
• Motorized Screwdrivers set – http://ali.ski/2yBHeZ


muic: epidemicsounds.com


Philaplap says:

5:35 it’s German and in english it’s ‘well done explained’

Uttam Sahu says:

Drone mere liye bhi

Shadow X says:

That hand powered slicer will be perfect for the apocalypse bunker….with some extra blades

Lugg1 says:

8:02 Wait that looks like a vibrator man….

zunnamy cartagena says:

Is more fun, they will to it by themselve

Charles Riv says:

The last one….i loved¡¡ were i found that?

Kostas S says:

dont support china market,support original products with quality

Blyat Cyka says:

pls 4:03 music name

Hound Of Hades says:

Shut the fuck up and get your self a dog bro!

larsfreshomatiko says:

Your english is really awful and this is painfull to watch (apart from the fact that this could be a commercial for aliexpress)

Subotica Subotica says:

WOW learn English yes…

Konata Izumi says:

If only if they can ship at Amazon speed. I would’ve gone wild with it…damn shipping takes a full month. I will pay for fast shipping, just get with it already.

Monsieur Paburu says:


soolly 357 says:

The usb is pretty cool

Tony Cerino says:

Cool video!!

EingeL says:

I have the electric screwdriver…..IS AMAZING!!!

Bleu Thingy says:


Junaeid Shadib says:

2:03 look at this bass blyat

Butters Scotch says:

In Soviet Russia, product reviews you

Butters Scotch says:

Thank god the Cold War is over

Eric Joseph says:

This all gadget that was used by Russian hackers to hack into the DNC and make Hillary look like big bitch! Graet success!

nenemtz87 says:

The carrot went there

review i says:

Did I hear that right? Potato pancakes

Zeeshan Ali says:

Really super video you have made , please keep it up, we want to see more stuff like this,
Thank you

pankaj kumar says:

Please tell the names of the gadjets

Adarsh Ak says:

Wow..so aliexpress does have affiliate program right?

SHIFTY says:

Borat is branching out.

Sin Tunstall says:

That bird thing is called an ornithopter, fun fact.

Naaz Zaanji says:

neeeeeed thisss

Anders Jackson says:

The grind is OLD stuff. Used stuff like that in end of the 1970:th…

In the Sterling machine, the lower disc could also be cooled, and The machine goes in the other direction.

RED MOBILE uk says:

I’m hung like a horse…just saying

Георгий Г9 says:

Дааа… Английский у диктора просто ужасен… С трудом понятно.

Tony Cerino says:

Dudes English.. Lol

abbas maak says:

loved ur way of communication …. and a big thumbs up for the adorable kitty ..

Peter Jensen says:

Just a stupid commercial… wasted time again.

greekgodlamb says:

Idk why, but your speaking made me feel better.

Edsu says:

Potato pancake?

Shashi Poddar says:

Thumbs up for the cat

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