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These 5 incredible USB Gadgets you can Make at home.

Wake UP the Sleeping Creative Bug inside you and try to make these for FUN.

All these videos are in detail. If you have any question ask me in the Comment Section.

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Dmitry Tolmachev says:

11:29 And watch your battery go down 3 times faster.

elias1606 says:

0:27 what is the name of this tool? and where I can get it?

Paramedic says:

design very bad

Doodle Doodle says:

cool! 😀

Tyler Whitworth says:

how to make a mini fan moving

ridoy khan mrnl says:


latest songs. says:

u need to use net stuff instead of paper

SebCreativeIdeas says:

I made some inventions also, who can give me some opinion on my videos?

Russell John Jarabe says:

3:12 song title please

Cateter x says:

hard useless .. but funny to watch

Darky The Pirate Wolf says:

Blue and red enginer loved this.video XD

ErCapoAlex 2.0 says:


Nolan Turner says:

If you would like to take it one step further on the fan usb, you could probably use shrink wrap on the wires, I recommend a heat gun to shrink it, but you can also use a stove.

Nnamdi Wemere says:


Ezra Pugh says:

Whats that box thingy u use for testing the light one?

ridoy khan mrnl says:


gaming boy 130 says:

he uses outdoor Chargers

Joey Adams says:

Where can you buy the LED light strip?

D Creative World says:

wow nice video.
guys you have some time so please vist my channel.

OB3Y The E.T. says:

11 ads on a 14 minute video wow

Shumaila Tasheen says:


Tolga Ergün says:

Can you make hot air blower mechanism?

Green Ageddon says:

with the vacuum i may be best to put the holes in the paper first before gluing it to the bottle

Burnt Potato says:

What do I search on Amazon to get those little propellers?

xXGAMERXx says:

what’s the music at 9:26 ??

Rishi Raj says:

which morter u used in this video ?

The MaskedGeek says:

That last hack was LOUD as floop man. Wouldn’t it have been better to use an old plastic 500ml bottle?

Pradip Pradip says:

car banana ka aaetam

Amiq hack says:


bullcomedy says:

What are the supplies

N for Noah says:

ur soldering is pretty sloppy

MKM Cyprus says:


Tyler Whitworth says:

make a mini fan toy car

richie m says:


Nmoleo ­­­ says:

what is the song in #2

Raj dubey says:

very hard to make and very hard to got the things

Abdullah Almamun says:

love u….!!!

H0MEMADE Everything says:

Universal Serial Bus

F King Hacks says:

Cool project !

Juxaleo says:

Tooooooo much ads

ndrthrdr1 says:

Hold that heat in with glue/tape = less heat radiation = dramatically shorter life of LEDs

Lesa Campbell says:

in the first video what was the long skinny thing that looks like a razor blade

Francis Rome Delos Santos says:

where did u get the propeller

ky Dowling says:

can you make a phone fan please!

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