Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Secure Pro USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review – with AES Hardware Encryption

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This drive is secure, but you need to make sure you know what you’re getting into with it – the documentation was not totally clear on a few items.

First things first – do not lose your password. If you do you can’t get back into the drive, ever. That’s a good thing for a secure product because any shortcut around a missing password is a path of entry an unauthorized person might take. So from the standpoint of protecting your data against somebody finding (or stealing) your Store ‘n’ Go you are well covered. But that’s not the only security layer.

It also has a lock-out mechanism that happens after 10 consecutive failed password attempts. When that takes place the stick is permanently disabled until a new password is set. However the act of setting that new password completely wipes out the data. It’s very easy for a kid to pick this thing up, try a few different passwords, and then completely lock out the device.

All of these things are great from a security standpoint. But it’s also important to understand that you need to have any data you put on this drive backed up somewhere else. There is a “lost password” function which really does nothing more than to reset the device to its default state, taking the data with it. Anyone can run that lost password function even if they don’t have the original password.

Performance on the Store ‘n’ Go is outstanding. Writes to the disk manage to sustain 100 megabytes per second, with just under 160 megabytes per second on the read side. This is competitive with many external hard drives I’ve tested in the not so distant past.

The bottom line? This is a great way to secure data that you don’t want unauthorized people to see. But you need to make sure that data is backed up some place else. Because it’s very easy for the stick to lock everyone out (including its owner) if an incorrect password is entered too many times in a row.

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DISCLOSURE: Verbatim provided a product sample for the purposes of this review.


Fatty Wompus says:

Nevermind. These things are stupid expensive for what they are. Part of the cost is likely for the software which seems like trash. It requires you to have Adobe Flash installed?!?! Quite a few stories of it having problems just on Windows systems and doesn’t work with Linux as far as I know… Would have been much better and cheaper just to sell it empty and let you load VeraCrypt (or any crypto program of your own choosing) on the CDFS partition. VeraCrypt is free, open source, it works with Linix, and no need for stupid Adobe Flash. Would even be worth a buy to try to delete their crappy program and install your own iso if they weren’t $43 just for a 32GB unit.

MrBrymstond says:

great for politicians or if you’re a spy, but most people can’t remember their own e-mail password… Hillary should had stored her emails on this and made the password “Honest1” lol

GuiltyFighterX says:

If only it was Type C you would have a solid sale here.


hey man can you make a review about acer
ES1-411 – C1WD i think that’s what it’s called

Plipo Gamez says:

Would this type of drive benefit from online backup and password reset functions?

Grampz Alaska says:

You rule lon!

02337755 says:

just subbed…

Stewart Bruce says:

Hi Lon.  Is it possible to delete all the access software and just have a wide-open, blazing fast flash drive?

Johnny Wu says:

I bought one, but it seems like the Secure Pro doesn’t work with Sierra

Fatty Wompus says:

Anyone know if the encryption app is on a separate CD emulated partition like U3 or is this all one partition? If this has the removable bit flipped and a cd partition it could be perfect to set up VeraCrypt Portable on or some other fun stuff. I absolutely hate Microsoft with the single partition limit on removable media and the stupid UFD manufacturers never say how the removable bit is set or if any of the existing utilities will work with it.

Grampz Alaska says:

Virtualboy! Virtualboy! Virtualboy!

Damon Abets says:

Lon that is perfect for my friend he loves password

MoreChannelNoise says:

allowing anyone to reset the pass and therefore erase everything means I would never buy it!

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