Turning a broken iPhone into a working USB flash drive? – in Shenzhen, China

I took the flash memory chips from a broken iPhone 6 and turned it into a working USB flash drive in the electronics markets in Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen, China. I ran across the bare circuit board to do this during my previous iPhone storage upgrade video, and I just had to try it.

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Link to buy a similar bare USB flash drive PCB on Aliexpress: https://goo.gl/fbjj41

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pufero1 says:

@Strange Parts

Man all usb to nand controlers save the controler firmware on the nand thats why you need mp factory tool the controler whitour firmware boot on engineered mode same applyed to sdd controlers.
Next video try do the same whit a sdd controler there are some on aliexpress. xD

damolin77 says:

Scotty your awesome I enjoy watching your videos you do some crazy but fun stuff and also show us what we my thing is impossible and make them work. Keep up the awesome videos my friend

Andy Gong says:

Some solder flux is not 100% insulated, so it would be safer to clean it up before powering the board.

Herne Keitto says:

How about an MTV cribs style video 🙂

//Travesty says:

I fucking love this Channel

Billy Bop says:

@Strange Parts, you should really visit Iran as it has many Bazaars filled with many upon many products.

SubZero 63 says:

Can you make a fingerprint scanner on a iPhone 4s?

王瑞 says:


saintly_guy says:

This is something unique

Brata Widjaja says:

Another nice video. I was wondering how to get a microscope likes yours? Cheers.

Mohamed osman says:

This guy is apples worst nightmare

Thebest Tek tuber says:

Whenever I watch one of your videos I never feel like my time is wasted

Dafydd Roche says:

Watching you reball the flash memory device takes me straight back to hackercamp SZ! 🙂

benu ansar says:

I was forget my Apple ID and password. How can I open it?

John Salmon says:

Incredible. I could just imagine going down to PC World and getting in depth customer service like that. It would be like, Er whats a BGA stencil man?

Ammar Skating says:

Did the pc worked?

mtafri dans says:

may the force with you

John Chafin says:

I like your persistence in solving problems. So many people stop too early and never learn to solve problems.

Kolby Pappan says:

Your so awesome because your always smiling every second and I like that

Vishal Singh Kus says:

make a video for unlocking icloud id for locked iphones

Eduardo Avila says:

You could sell these!

Also, that means that is possible to make a 128gb or even the 800% iphone memory version?

YaBoi ToastedVivid says:

Windows 10 Pro for $100! You can get keys on Ebay for $10 no problem 😛

Mohamed Amine says:

Just amazing. Loving all your videos keep up the great work

hill0ck666 says:

rad buddy . neat seein somebody jazzed about the lil things . cheers yo

Hofman M P says:

Nice video.

saintly_guy says:

Can u speak Chinese language?

Remo Almeida says:

Cool vid. I would have scrapped all that at 3rd try or so.

Sean Kethcart says:

Your enthusiasm is infectious my man. Lovemyour excitement. Keep it up brother.

Jewish Person says:

Wish I could live in China

Yankı Kıran says:

Can ı do the same thing with a broken galaxy s4

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