The Surprisingly Fragile ‘Unbreakable’ USB Drive! Corsair Survivor Stealth

The Corsair Survivor Stealth usb flash drive claims to be water resistant, shock resistant and protected from impact damage. Dmitry tried to test those limits while on vacation….because why not?

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Flyinghotpocket says:


J K says:

Umm? Usb sticks are “waterproof” anyway?? If you put a usb stick into a washing machine and let it dry it will be fully functional

anikanbounty97 says:


Jayson Williams says:

Well that’s a disappointing product! Very unlike Corsair who generally makes high quality products.

anikanbounty97 says:

You don’t know usb survival

bigbuttmcgraw says:

Nice review Nice testing. Pity it definitely wasent tested b4 it left production.

minecraft steve says:


Bush Buddy says:

when you say your gonna test it then say you too amazing pictures then proceed to show us the pictures spoiling the supprise of how unbreakable it is…

who's john says:

>throws against concrete
>why don’t my flash drive work anymore

anikanbounty97 says:

Definitely good footage

anikanbounty97 says:

Try plugging it in sitting on it and it still working.

haskia jimmi says:

Isn’t every USB Drive ‘Waterproof’? I mean, there is no electricity stored in them, so a potential short doesn’t damage anything, and as soon as it is dry, it works perfectly again? I’ve tested this with a USB drive of mine and it worked.

Nukeclears says:

lol, didn’t even bother to coat it in something so the flash storage doesn’t just break off. Sad.

Levente says:

Making the rubber this round and likely to roll was stupid from their part. It is more likely that it will fall like 3 floors if you drop it at a bad spot or fall into the sewers or idk. A triangle would be ideal for the outer shape of the rubber rings.

Ke'reth Makura says:

Serve it with a Tennis racket, or batter and deep fry it?

Don Dan says:

you know even if you format that hard drive you still have you pictures/videos etc ? I don’t get it when youtubers mistakenly delete their sd cards footage when you can recover it all in 3 clicks

Josh Byrd says:

I hate videos like this. It is shock RESISTANT not shock PROOF. They are designed to withstand shock and damage within reasonable limits. Jumping up in the air and throwing down with all your strength is NOT reasonable. The device was most likely designed to withstand typical drop values of more then average height ((Like dropping it down the stairs)) so about 10-20 feet. 20 feet being on the high end of what I would expect of this product. You took it and jumped about 3 feet reached hand arm up which adds another 2-3 feet and I am estimating you at about 6 foot. That means you are beginning its fall at about 11 feet off the ground on a low estimate on a high estimate about 13 feet. This height would be an ok but you then added additional force behind it. Alot of force. To put it in context I would estimate the fall of the item might have generated 3 newtons. Meanwhile assuming you can throw and object of that size at around 70 mph the amount of force would have been around 30 newtons so 10x the amount of force a reasonable person would expect from the device.

To compare what this test is to something a normal person would understand: You bought some new knee pads and to test them out you have a buddy taking a baseball bat and hitting your knees as hard as he can then complaining the pads did not do their job.

TheNguyenGPham says:

I have something more durable: *CLOUD STORAGE.*

Eggsr2bcrushed says:

All the effort to turn that aluminum body and they couldn’t pot the electronics in a nickel worth of epoxy… SAD CORSAIR!

Alan Jenkinson says:

I’ve had 2 fail and they’ve never left my desk

anikanbounty97 says:

Bending in l shape or literally falling on the usb drive bending ports inside warping it and usb connectors then fixing it and all good.


Please compare LaCie XtremKey (LAC9000445) with Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth (CMFSS3B-128GB) .Which one is better waterproof ?? Please tell

Louis Hartley says:

The impact that it received would be much higher than anything it would receive normally. Even if you threw it out the plane it would still only be travelling at terminal velocity, way slower than you would have thrown it at the ground. Its still annoying that it didn’t have some kind of adhesive holding the nand storage on, but I guess thats something they can improve on.

DoogelCraft says:

i had 2 of those and both of them broke by daily usage, one of them had the core components melt from over heating lol

Atlas says:

The tests you put it through is really exaggerated. It’s for everyday impacts, accidental water immersion, and accidental dropping.

Abridged Media Source says:

But can it do this ___| __/ ____

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