The Smallest, Fastest Storage EVER?

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Vidhatha Nani says:

how fast is your internett

IBadGrammar says:

ahh is awesome see this type video i can not afford

Stinky Cheese says:

Umm, a 4K video, even at a whopping 45GB/hour (100Mbps bitrate) is only 12.5MB/s.

Even an economy model 10 year old USB2 flash drive can read above 12.5MB/s so your suggestion of this product as a benefit for 4K playback is pushing it. Copying the file to it, sure, if time really were money, but anyone who can’t plan an extra minute or two to copy files to a flash drive, doesn’t have good time management skills so their time probably isn’t worth much money.

Naturally faster is better, I don’t mean to imply otherwise, except there’s the cost and size to get there. I have a Sandisk Extreme and it never leaves home, in favor of slower, much smaller and lighter flash drives that are barely larger than the USB connector itself. Small is the way to go!

Gd Wst says:

Will this be good for ready boost?

CrAzYgIrL says:

So could you game off of it?

LeHarfang says:

SSD means solid state drive, meaning there’s no moving parts in it (unlike an HDD). That means usb flash keys or smaller micro sd cards are also solid state drives. Basically, this is a usb key with more space and maybe a bit more speed lol.


how fast your real life shit goes into that SSD after sitting on it ?

MzRedd28MusicLive says:

I need flash drive to download cartoons movies Hd ? Will 128gb enough how many movies can I load does it’s depend on the movies length I don’t need it to load slow more stuff of flash slow it get rights?

kyle jhon mejarito says:

give me that flash drive

Jashandeep Chohan says:

buy more and do a giveaway

Jean-Luc Smith says:

not fast enough I have 1tb worth of games how fast can it transfer that

Alfie Crabb says:

SSD solid state drive not super speed divice?

iGamerPro 2017 says:

Write: 155MB/S x 60 = 9300MB/M ÷ 1024MB = 9GB/M
Read: 450MB/S x 60 = 27000MB/M ÷ 1024MB= 26.4GB/M

Dev Sorrell says:

Since it’s so small, will it work through a USB OTG cable on my phone?

Nick Granville says:

Would be great if there was a 1Tb version of this, even if it was slightly bigger. 512GB isn’t quite big enough for editing video projects for me. There are other options I know, but this form factor looks choice.

Noahthecool27 STATE OF USA supermancool says:

Usb ?????????????

Jaber J says:

Which usb storage size should I get if I’m going to store photos and music on it? Any suggestions, please!

kleavenae says:

It could be faster. There are memory cards that has 90+MB/s writing speed. If you use two of them in RAID, you would get about 180MB/s writing speed. And I think there are some even faster memory cards, too. Also, in theory you can have more cards in RAID for more speed, but there’s a limit.



Tim Fountain says:

I still use ms dos and floppy disks

I Taste Gud says:

So all we gotta do us plug this in and all of yall games gonna be faster?

dj505Gaming says:

Am I the only one who is starting to doubt that there actually is a Jack…?

Wolf Link says:

does this work for an Android tablet?

肖川宇 says:

SSD drive using usb 2.0

Carlos Solis says:

hey i bought it but it doesnt work in my macbook pro, do you know how can i fix it

Samsung 3.0 Note/Tab says:

NOS in USB Form haha

Calvin Coolridge says:

How would I edit video off a USB like you said ?

Soorya prabagar says:

can i install windows inside ?

Lord Vader says:

Looking for Usb with Type C FASTESET there is

Oberknockers says:

whats sad is when i get exited when my internet reaches 3Mbp/s

Anish Jain says:

What is the size of the ssd?

Brick Tamland says:

i bought this piece of fucking shit 512gb version and threw a bunch of my shit on there and the next fucking day the god damn fucking stick is unreadable on all machines i try it on. i try formatting it on chromebook which detected it and it still says the format is unrecognizable. fuck visiontek in the mother fucking ass fuck.

Bring me Peter pan says:

I have I think.. 9 usb ports on my ax370 mobo? The hubs i dont really need except for maybe the front i/o so I dont have to get at the back usb ports. However the usb ssd sounds awesome

TheFroztking says:

how reliable is it thou… thats the important part

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