Testing A *FAKE* 2TB USB Flash Memory Stick (SCAM from Wish.com)

I was browsing a popular online gadget and gift store and I happened across a USB memory stick that claimed to have a capacity of 2 Terabytes, at a price of only £11

Sounds too good to be true, right? So let’s check it out


James Ryan says:

Yeah I thought so. Bought the exact same USB drive and kept getting the same error message after copying a certain amount of files (which showed in the drive’s properties as not even 1/4 full)! I thought I got a defective drive or formatted it incorrectly. Scammers! My question is how does it fool the computer into displaying (in the properties) a 1.85TB storage capacity??

Emoh Renwo says:

Usually an open file (the running video) is protected and cannot be overwritten. It is weird how that could even happen.

Nick Schoendorf says:

Wish is nothing but a ripoff site….they need a good ddos

Danny Danny says:


Leone Visual Media says:

I’ve actually bought things off Wish before, only once did I make the electronics mistake. I still buy things off of there but it’s mostly just pins and fashion bags which, if you go through pictures and buyer-uploaded photos, you can easily discern as worth the purchase or not. I bought a $20 mini backpack with multiple pockets (that includes shipping) and I’m using it now as a purse. I like it! So I wouldn’t say Wish is complete garbage, just mostly ;P

ClokworkGremlin says:

It probably cost them more to hack the onboard microcontroller to report a 2tb capacity than it did to buy the 1gb of flash memory that actually went into the thing.

Arkansas Man says:

If you ever get something that doesn’t work, is wrong or even if you ordered the wrong thing, they have the best refund policy. I’ve gotten more good stuff than bad and the few that didn’t work, I got a refund within 2 days maximum. You get what you pay for or your money back. Most of what I’ve gotten is acceptable. You have to consider the price compared to name brand merch.

James Liskutin says:


Faraday Sage says:

Plot twist: They know nobody will believe it, yet will spend $15+ to test it themselves. Millions sold.

Robin Browne says:

This is worse than a scam. This is a trap. If someone used this for backups then they could find that although the backup seems to work their precious backup files are over-written. Shame on wish.com

جوليان مراكش says:

If i wanted to treat that as a proper Storage Device, i would load the Factory Format Tool from
https://www.usbdev.ru/ and set it up with the real Capacity.
Btw: What Device and Vendor ID does that Stick report in the Device Manager?
Looks like these are the ones
Try with this factory Format Tool to format, maybe you are lucky.
http://flashboot.ru/files/file/440/ (Chipsbank CBM2098 UMPTool V6008)

Datrebor says:

I wonder if the 2TB flash drives from Amazon are any good either? You can buy several for about $20 to $50.

Justin Case says:

i would have loved to see what the diskmanagement looked like on that drive. and what it would have said had you tried to format it…maybe for another video.

James Gregory says:

I also got a 2TB flash drive from Wish. in truth no matter what kind of storage drive you get it will always be smaller then advertised. Mine was only 1.81TB

MC EITH davis says:


lunchbawksrawks says:

microcenter sells legit 1 tb flash drives for 65 dollars.

Beaumont Livingston says:

USB flash drives have configuration parameters within the controller that can be changed which changes the data compression and in return reports the capacity as such. This can be used to get a bit more out of your nand flash but after you increase the compression beyond saturation, the storage will report 1tb or 2tb meanwhile you can’t write anything to the drive because in reality it’s only a 32gig nand register that’s been configured above saturation and fails read/write operations

Jennifer WhiteWolf says:

The advert description said “tb” not actually terra-bytes. Perhaps that means Tiny Bit? How about Toss Below. Utter garbage.

weasel1weasel1 says:

Wish are crap

Relptica says:

Have to say, I found it quite surprising that the stick actually tells the PC that it has 2tb. Never really thought about that possibility and it potentially being used in a scam.

Good video, found it due to Yt recommending me the FAQ.

Paul Reid says:

Holy Crap Bro, I don’t have 11 minutes to watch a video!

Stoyan Balev says:

Don’t buy electronics from Wish. I bought laptop for £50 and it was terrible quality and very slow. They refund me the money and told me to keep it. I guess it’s not worth the money of the shipment. They are good in other things but definitely not electronics.

Finlay Mitchell says:

You can guess which advert came up…

F프랭키 says:

Those 1.1k dislikes are Chinese working at Wish!

tracylynnw says:

Maybe it was a typo by the vendor? 😉

effsixteenblock50 says:

In retrospect, you could have plugged it into a sandboxed VM that was running packet capturing sw….

Joe Ty says:

Thank you for doing videos like this.

AtomicShrimp says:

Before you comment, read this:

No, device manager or properties would not show the real capacity. The drive has been set up to misreport its size. The host OS cannot detect the true capacity. Formatting doesn’t do anything useful either.

The video is As long as it needed to be. I don’t target any specific duration when I edit my content.

You might see ads for Wish alongside this video. I don’t have control of that. If you think about it, it’s rather lovely that they’re spending money imposing their ads against this vid

Yes, I have weird thumbs. It’s OK if you noticed that. It’s very rude if you feel the need to comment on it. Learn some manners.

If you’re confused about why you can’t see the reflection of my camera in the screen, take a lesson here: https://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/refln/Lesson-1/The-Law-of-Reflection

If you think I should have used a screen recorder, you’re right, of course. I was lazy.

If you like my shirt I’m happy about that. It’s custom made – search my videos for shirts to see the whole story, or click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9unmbBEn_Yk
(If you don’t like my shirt, that’s ok, because I love it for both of us)

compgamer89 says:

1. Worth making sure disk cache is disabled when running a test like this, because it might very well hide the effect by keeping the video file in (OS-level) cache persistently.
2. Not sure if cheap drives like this ever have built-in compression, but writing random data would be slightly more resistant to that.
3. The zero bytes are probably because the drive manager is aware that the block has been deallocated. Rather than double-allocating the block (as both video file and text file), it treats the video file block as nonexistent, so when you read it, it returns default state (all zeros).

Giovanni Foulmouth says:

Scammers need to be shamed, exposed and (in a perfect world) publicly executed.

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