Should You Get an Encrypted USB Drive?

What are the different kinds of encrypted USB drives out there?

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There are several types of encrypted USB flash drives on the market. In this video we go over three from Amazon. One is from Kingston and requires a password, one has a fingerprint sensor, and a third has a built in keypad to unlock before even plugging in the thumb drive. The encryption is different for each encrypted flash drive, but each has other advantages and disadvantages.

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Oz Attar says:

Or you can stop wasting your money and use bitlocker to go

Mr peen Me peen says:

Basically he’s showing you how to hide all your porn

Grizzley says:

What’s up Thiojoe I just love to sit down and just talk about technology

The Android Guy says:

in my encrypted flash drive i would put 1000 porn videos

AnorakTrend says:

A luks encrypted flash drive is pretty nice

Amne Sie says:

Bullshit those usb drives… In my opinion VeraCrypt is the real thing.

Anthony B. says:

Couldn’t you open it up, unsolder the memory chip the put it onto a new board. (Theoretically)

coolbox123 says:

You are soft cock

Service Badger says:

Bruh 8gb isn’t enough space for my memes

unpoptv says:

For that 100 GB homework folder.

Ese Callum says:

why not just make a password protected self executing RAR file

Kyle Wiley says:

Do any international android cell phones have a way to update network settings Or can they be modified or changed in anyway? maby by downloads


Arent those the official slax linux usbs ,are they

Will Mccartha says:

But…. But…. Bitlocker…..

Lou Simon says:

Smash like on this video!

GeekIWG says:

Don’t use TrueCrypt. It is no longer being developed and I believe it has some security exploits. Use VeraCrypt (A fork of TrueCrypt) instead.

WorldSuperMedia 750 says:

I’ll probably forget the password if I get one lel

Alex says:

With 75$ i just buy an hyperx 128gb.

Nasza1109 says:

But what if you have some scars/missing pieces of skin (do not question it) or some cuts on your finger???? O_OOOOO

Resolvelution Tension says:

I think that all encrypted usb drivers are too expensive ☹️

Michael McGuffey says:

Can’t ppl just reset the encrypted usb I’f they don’t know the password same way you would reset a phone

Sravan Kowshik A says:

No problem I will stick to Windows File encryption.

zhrO zh says:

Would be nice if these drives had virus scanning too

Gil Faver says:

Smart.  Thanks.

donnaken15 says:

i like how the apricorn device looks with the buttons and it looks like a remo- 6:48 RADIOHEAD FONT

Bill Overbeck says:

why not use Microsoft bitlocker instead of that first one.

Ali Kassem says:

hi can you plz help me. setup file cannot run on my pc i use windows 10 home but all setup file of (.vbe) type cannot run plz help me who to run it if you can.

100 Мбит/с says:


Its ABHI says:

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1050ti .how can I record pubg mobile gameplay?.im playing on Moto.

luis barcelo says:

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2. Obtener mayor alcance si agrego mas embobinado (o mas largas) o agrego mas Latas (o hacerlas de mayor tamaño las Latas)

VincentPlayz ROBLOX and More says:

Hey ThioJoe if theres a motherboard in our computer how about a fatherboard huuuuh hard question right

dfortae - Game Reviews says:


Okaro X says:

If you have USB-drive on a key chain there probably is enough info on the drive to find your address and use the keys to enter.

Will2133 says:

Uhh its the guy who makes fake videos

Javier Hernandez says:

I just use my s9’s internal memory as an encrypted drive and carry a cable, any old, cheap prepaid Android with a passcode will work as an encrypted drive it needs to be unlocked to allow access to the internal memory, also it’s very hard to recover data from the nand chip itself, with a USB you can bypass all that protective junk and put jumpers directly to the storage and yeet the data off of it by bypassing everything. You can’t lose, break or forget your phone as easily as a flash drive.

Provola Player says:

If you want to save porn on it this can be useful!

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