SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review & Speed Test

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Available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB & 128GB USB 3.0 Models.

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SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review & Speed Test

Hey whats up everyone, my names Chris Winter and today I’m going to share with you my favourite product of the month.

Now this is the Sandisk Ultra Fit 128gb USB Flash Drive and it’s got to be the worlds smallest usb flash drive and what’s cool about it for photographers is that it’s fast being usb 3 and also it’s huge. This one here has 128gb of storage, which is pretty crazy.

Now these Sandisk Ultra Fit USB Flash Drive are currently only $38 on amazon which I’m not sure if it’s an error or not because that’s over 50% off, so if you are after one go and check it out now before the price goes up, i’ll put a link in the description below.

But anyway, lets take a look at it.

So as you guys might know, I travel a lot, so the main computer I use is the macbook air.

Now these macbook airs storage can’t be upgraded, so Im going to be using this little drive to increase my storage.

Now for comparisons sake, here is an older usb that I’ve been using from Leef for the last 6 months or so.

As you can see, the sands is a little bigger, but that’s not a problem for me as the leef was only rocking usb 2.0 speeds and it only had 64gb of storage.

But as you can see their all pretty small. Here they are compared to a sd card, and a regular size usb.

So let’s now do a quick test on this usb just to see how quick it is. So first of we’ll test out the leef usb for comparison.

And it tops out at around 12mbs for second.

And now we’ll test out the new sandisk. And as you can see, it’s not the fastest usb 3 flash drive, but it’s pretty quick at 120mbs. So I’m definitely impressed.

Other than that, I’ve really found this to be a cool little product, that I’m sure a lot of photographers will definitely like to add to their computers for a bit more quick storage. You do need to be a little bit careful with it because when it’s transfering a lot of data, it can get a bit hot. But other than that it’s definitely a winner.

Like I said before, these do look like they’ve got a bit of a crazy sale on at the moment, so go and check them out at the link below and pick one up for youself.

Have a great day guys 🙂


Ahmed Jailam says:

What kind of mac book are you using Chris?

Andy Z says:

NOT recommended!!!
1. heat. which is still bearable;
2. SLLOOOW. read at 50MB/s, fluctuate alot, write starts at exciting 100+MB/s in the first couple of seconds, then drop, drop, droppp, less than 10MB/s…

Cesare Vesdani says:

Those USB sticks are amazing.

Mihai Solcan says:

They are just 29.90$ now. :))))

Sai Krushna says:

I have purchased Sandisc 32gb pendrive…how to know whether it is fake or real? on my pendrive it is written as made in Malaysia..please reply

Danielius Sipovic says:

you must be new to amazon

YANA World says:

i heard this usb overheats?

Gokul Manohar says:

Does it heats up?
Pls reply

Mr.Kristian252 says:

It doesn’t matter how small it is anymore.. Now it’s only how well it fits your hand.

Emre Konuk says:

dont it gets hot ? mine is going realy hot even reading. I have get a new one couse i asked in 3 days.

TheMrDanieloco says:

can it be used as a External Hard Drive?

scooman says:

Just ordered the flash drive from Amazon for my MacBook Air. Hope it works. Thanks Chris.

NightSociety says:

I heard these had heat problems.  Do you experience heat issues?

glenn johnson says:

Chris, Happy Holidays to everyone and please be careful and safe,

David Pascoe says:

Have you seen my baseball???…

alphaphotoandvideo says:

i will get 2, for each of the usb inputs
thanks for the review

Kristjan Saar says:

Have it also, really good usb drive, highly recommend.

Steezboy3000 says:

Does this stick out any further than a mouse usb? Thanks!

RibeyeSteakVlogs says:

At cvs pharmacy its 9 dollars for 32 gb

HardWorkingNoGovHelpLowClass says:

They’re also at 256gb!!! Where are they cramping all that memory??!! Mindblowing!

tipoomaster says:

I’ve been reading reviews for this and a few mentioned it getting too hot after large transfers and disconnecting because if it, any word on that?

nick max says:

happy birthday chris…….plz make more videos…love u…

LordOfTheFries says:

Hey Chris when is the giveaway? Thanks love your videos! 😀

Jermaine Sheppard says:

THIS DRIVE SUCKS I’m so sorry to say. Using it for files larger than 3-5 gb it will over heat and shut completely off and disconnect from your mac. Just not worth it for a pro photographer.

Hendlton says:

I want to buy one to install Ubuntu onto so I can have a portable OS. I currently have it installed on a USB 2.0 flash drive and it is painfully slow so do you think it’d be good for that purpose? I heard it overheats a lot but I don’t really care about that unless it affects it’s performance.

DJ Everest says:

28 bucks right now.. Yet I’m still gonna passed because of the overheating issues reported by so many ppl.

Zac Paul says:

The Ultra Fit uses TLC NAND, while there are some superior MLC-based flash drives that do not cost a whole lot more…so this form factor comes at a cost. Compared to MLC, TLC has a much lower endurance, lower real-world write speeds, and more problems with error correction. Real world write speeds with the UltraFit are closer to 5-20 MB/s, and 0.5-5MB/s when it comes to writing many smaller files. Benchmarks can mask how dramatic the real-world differences are between TLC and MLC. For example, even though benchmark software suggests the two drives are not that far apart in performance, the real-world write speeds of my 128gb Mushkin MLC-based flash drives are more than twice that of my UltraFit TLC-based flash drives. Awesome form factor, but not so awesome implications. :-/

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