Sandisk Ultra Fit Review : Best USB 3.0 Flashdrive you can buy in 2016

Quick unboxing of Sandisk Ultra Fit + Review.

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Blackmagic Disk Speed Test :


Stinky Cheese says:

It is fairly foolish to declare this the best ddrive you can buy in 2016.

1) There are several others that are as small or nearly so.
2) There are several that are only a little larger but incorporate a sturdy keychain loop to carry them easier without losing them.
3) There are many that don’t run as hot, and many people report problems from overheating.
4) There are many that are a little larger that have higher performance.

Your benchmark is mostly useless for testing flash drives because it only tests linear sequential speed, which only applies to reading and writing a continuous video stream. That can be important to know for an SD flash card in a video camera, but not so much for a USB flash drive in a host that has other I/O.

The main thing this flash drive has going for it that made it popular despite the potential for overheating is that it has a good capacity to price ratio for a major brand product.

Virtual Reality One says:

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warfare code says:

It gets hot too pretty Easily 😛

v.v Sos says:

great review!

Sai Gon says:

i just buy sandisk ultra fit 128gb usb 3.0 flash drive now see what happend ..

Sai Gon says:

sandisk it work good??,, i bought som cheaps from china usb flashdrive 512 gb .i copi video fil from sandisk usb 32gb over usb 512gb but not good ,,all fil video music dont work

bsl day says:

The outer body made of rubber or it’s just some sort of plastic? Here it looks glossy unlike the pictures where it’s usually matte.. this made me confused a bit

YANA World says:

i heard this usb overheats?


Nice Review. Thx 4 that. I invite You to watch my Channel to Bro

Rucolastico says:

what program u have on your desktop that shows the computer stats?

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