SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB 3.0 and USB-C Flash Drive Review

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – I’m always on the look out for helpful USB-C products for new PCs. This flash drive from Sandisk has a type C connector but also has an older USB 3.0 connector built in. See my USB-C survival guide: and subscribe!

01:31 – Price
01:44 – Drive performance
02:05 – Android USB-C compatibility
02:44 – Conclusion and file thoughts

For the low price this is a really nicely performing USB flash drive. Nothing crazy but functional especially as it has connectors for both regular USB 3 and USB-C in a compact unit.

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Jowel Balcita says:

My god that adapter flick @:35 was so satisfying to watch

A. Hutsona says:

Lon, that GPD Pocket, talk to me…

AB azhar says:

Nice facility in usb type c.. Introduce sandisk..

RockstarBruski says:

thanks nice review. i bought a similar thumb drive but it doesnt have a slide. it is about half that physical size but yours looks easier to remove from the port as mine is so small sometimes its hard to grip to remove it. i wonder how well these usbC small connectors will hold up over time and a lot of use compared to USB 2 and 3.

Elizabeth Navarro says:

I saw it on Amazon but wasn’t sure of the quality, thanks for the review, as always honest and reliable.

Bill Nguyen says:

Thanks for the video. Great one!

Yasir Saheed says:


Stuffyou100 says:

This is a great Macbook Pro if you’re looking to stock up on more and more adaptors. What a complete F U to customers. All these “pro’s” are simply larger screen versions of the 12 inch “Macbooks” and they added “pro” to the name. They’re a joke as far as “pro” goes. If it weren’t for macOS Apple wouldn’t sell any notebooks.

Jose Caba says:

the Xbox tv tunner work with shield androit tv or which one will work

LifezLife says:

What does it mean by dual?

Ralph McMahan says:

Such a good idea, no wonder I hadn’t thought of it.

neko77025 says:

Easy … stop using macs .. or anything apple .. yuk !

Ann Elisabeth says:

They’ve har dual drives a long time. OTG micro USB to USB.

Stacey Luster says:

Nice. One thing I worry about is how long it will last with that switch mechanism between both types.

Felax Chow says:

Definitely a good find, I’ll definitely pickup a few. No I can transfer my bootable iso to them and make it future resistant…

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