SanDisk Ultra 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive – Review & Benchmark

Is it worth spending the extra money on a branded USB 3.0 Flash Drive?

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PsyPhi says:

A very nice and precise video. Thanks!

ug0ts3rvd says:

is the drive still working? is it good a year later?

Camdex says:

Most people leaving comments on Amazon that their USB 3.0 flash drive is slow is because they either put it in a 2.0 port or don’t have their usb 3.0 driver installed or working.

4xAce脉脉达 says:

Thank you!

Sabeel M says:

Great review, thanks a lot. I’ve decided to buy it 🙂

A5T4R BO55 says:


Vivek P says:

My Sandisk Ultra 32gb usb 3.0 heats up too quickly, Is that normal or else a defective piece?

ZPERO says:

why did you format the it at the beginning?

Bilal Malik says:

Hi! I bought this USB couple of days before working good but before formatting and after formatting its showing less space 28.9 GB of 32 GB. Can you tell me please is it normal or not?
Waiting for your reply.

Mr H says:

This drive is a piece of shit. I have the 128GB version and despite the good read speed (100MB/s+), the AVERAGE write speed is a pitiful 18MB/s.

Eminent says:

is it fake when they sell it for 20$-30$ at the supermarket???

Sandeep Mahendra says:

Hey i am a little worried can u help
Will it work with windows 10
Then only i can buy it or my money could get wasted

Na Ren ID says:

Great review dude, I’ve decided to buy it, nice flash drive and nice price 🙂

private says:

“41Mb/s write speed”? as in 41Megabits per second?

Programmer186 says:

Dude, you should go an buy the SanDisk Extreme PRO® USB 3.0 Flash Drive.
It got around 260 read and 240 write!!! Here’s a link to the intro video:

erin green says:

i hate it on ur keychain the usb comes out doesnt lock in

Cedz Valencia says:

Great Review! I’m Just curious about the Ultra and Ultra Flair. Can you do also a review of Sandisk Ultra Flair? Thanks 🙂

Bikram Sahu says:

is there LED indicator on the pendrive? also do you found any heating issue with this pen drive or not, many people complaining about it…? hope you help me.

Amiel Bacar says:

Does you sandisk ultra lights blue led upon inserted? Mine blinks blue light when inserted even though im not copying files or using it. Is it normal?

thehegt Tr says:

32gb or 64gb for my laptop ? which 1 should i get ?

Virtual Reality One says:

Hi there! thanks for your great review. You can buy this items for a lowest price at I Hope it`ll help you.

Harmon Îkâ says:

what is the speed in usb 2.0 port

Максим says:

Do you have an LED indicator blinking?

Ace - Mobile Gaming says:

Wait how comes mines have the black thing inside of the USB flash drive? It has 4 holes.

Collin Han says:

How do you tell if the usb is fake?

Sankha Dahanaggala says:

does it supports OTG?


what’s the name of the application that he used?

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