Sandisk iXpand V2 Review

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This is our review of the Australian version of the Sandisk iXpand V2

Music used: Defqwop – Voyage


Blake C says:

Great video how do you only have 2 SUVs dang

Scott Eich says:

Will it work with an otter box phone cover. Is the curved part bendable. I have a dash cam and need it in case I have an accident. Could movies on a dash cam be transferred to the phone from the dash cam?

thelousyllama says:

How do i eject it from the ipad

Marcos Larraga says:

Hi, deos it work with pages, Keynote & Numbers?

Don Peters says:

I like to used my iPad Pro to show PowerPoint slides.  I need to find a way to download my PowerPoint slides from my Sandisk iXpand disk to my iPad.  Can Sandisk iXpand work for this job?

Mattzilla Gamer says:

Would I buy this if I need more room for my apps I download on the App Store

v man says:

Can I move files from iXband to album?

Karleen LPS says:

Why isn’t mine working I plug it in and nothing happens. Pls help.

Coheed Miranda says:

Can i play music using i expand in my ipad?

Conor Duffy says:

If I was using Amazon / Netflix would this increase the storage space i could use to download more shows?

Ellis The DJ says:

Can U bk up music

Stephanie Gualberto says:

Hi I’ve had the Sandisk iXpand for just a day and as i plug it into my iPad and iPhone both on iOS 10, both don’t recognize the iXpand. Already checked reviews on Sandisk and other forums. Will my iXpand ever be compatible?

Cole Biggs says:

Is that all it does, pathetic!

Danny Khoury says:

Hi, can I plug the flash drive in the iPhone and take pictures or video saved directly to it instead of using it to free up space?

Robert JOSAN says:

I understand that I can download pictures, film, or files from the iphone 6 S Plus to upload to my Mac or PC but can I download Film, pictures or files from my Mac or Pc to either view on my Iphone or upload to my iphone ?
~Thank you , Robert

Kenneth Dotsey says:

total waste of time watching this video i can open a box jerk off the device does not perform period i loaded music on it it will not play the music on the phone unless you select 1 song at a time try to make a playlist it just deletes songs can not get it to just play music 1 song after another or shuffle play songs it is not a player it is just a storage device nice attempt another boondoggle

Jeremy Taylor says:

Can you add music to it

gagiva Tan says:

Damn expensive

Jstar Ali says:

first ever video i watched of you. Congrats you earned yourself another sub.
Be sure to check out my channel. A new video is on the way

ea4135 says:

When you select auto backup (on insertion), does it give you options of selecting only pics and videos (not contacts) or if you select auto backup, it will backup all — even though I may not want contacts auto backup-ed.

HenryTo says:

how about backup games on iphone to the flash drive and vice versa? can it do that? Thanks.

SmartPhotography says:

i know this came out not ong ago, but can someone answer me the quastion if there are fakes out there yet of these? I say this because i know sandisk items get compied alot and looking uppon ebay i can see a veriety of prices and having trouble finding the original thing. Prices on ebay ranging bitween 30-120 help.

George Moore says:

I just bought this drive this morning at Best Buy and I love it. You can charge your iPad if you use an USB extension cable. I have it plugged into my 2.5a charger and the drive works fine (scared me at first because no one has tried it). I exclusively use this drive with Infuse app. I upload my movies to the drive and Infuse plays them perfectly. Infuse also has the option of copying movie files directly to the iPad’s internal storage. I have only used the iXpand app once with my iPhone. The current version has a bunch of one star reviews.

Monique D says:

Why is it taking so long just to upload/backup 200 photos to the flash drive? I have around 800 photos total on re iPhone 5c

fabianus juwana ganis says:

good information for expensive thing

sayuj100 says:



stephanie wong says:

Hi, I am actually concerned whether if Apple upgrade their iso , would this device unable to be use use on the upgraded iso iphone ?

Ravi 464 says:

Is it support for music

beinstine says:

Curious, can I download a movie onto this straight from chrome or safari on the iphone?

Dinodog Jr says:

I have this question bout the backup features.

Will it create a New Folder for each Backup routine or it will auto-replaced whatever we backup from previously?


Neil Orr says:

How do you zoom movies it just seems to play them in letter box size

Ahmad Faiz says:

Does it backup live photo

Jason Patello says:

I also noticed they have the wireless connect drive. I would be getting this to free up space from my cloud drive as i feel like just to add an annual cost of 24 bucks a year on two phones that’s like 48 right there, i just want to start hosting the photos on my own drive vs keeping them in the cloud. what would be the best option?

cphmark says:

Is it possible to transfer “backwards” from Ixpand to Iphone?

Ticky Tocky says:

$200? I got two 64G at Best Buy for $30 each.

KyroSkee says:

So can it store music

Santiago Moreno says:

What about music, would it be reliable to store a bunch of songs and play them directly from the flash drive? I only complain because of the fact that I can not store all the music I want in my iPhone, so that would be the only reason for me to purchase this

NSG Divine says:

I recently bought this for my mom. She had over 1000 photos on her phone. Wasn’t able to back up on iCloud cause you know too much storage. When we plugged this in and use the app to back up every thing 600+ photos got deleted please help.

Angrut says:

Google photos, no device or app needed

Gleek Glee says:

Hi! Which one is better, the wireless drive (the little square with wifi), or this one?? I read this only support format Fat-32 which only allows it to support 4GB files max. Is it true? Does the wireless drive have the same problem?

chenie23 says:

Can i upload the video to YouTube straight from the ixapand? Or i need to put it on laptop to upload? When i save videos from an app will that store it? Thank you very much

Theresa Richard says:

I’m not computer savvy, so please don’t judge me. I have a lot of movies on mp4 files, can I add these to the disk. Can I put movies from my iTunes on the disk as well.?

Rushdi Latiff says:

Why nobody talks about the ixpand mini which is inexpensive than the ixpand and does the same job?

R Rivera says:

Not a thorough review. It was more of a fan-boy’s comment on how great this product is. No downsides? What if you do not want an Auto-backup? How about showing what is was like using this to back-up to a computer or laptop? How does it work then? How about showing more of the interface to eliminate guessing for those that have NOT used the product.

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