SanDisk – iXpand 64GB USB 3.0/Lightning Flash Drive Unboxing and Review

I wanted to do an unboxing and quick review of the SanDisk – iXpand 64GB USB 3.0/Lightning Flash Drive

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nevergetany says:

at the beginning you said you can not store documents on the device and found that rather strange. But a little bit later it showed back up your iPhone (or other device). If you back up your original device to the scandisk device, then you would be backing up documents, games and other apps. not just photos and vids and music. IF you can really back up EVERYTHING, can you play games on the scandisk or do you have to play the games on your ORIGINAL device? Of all the various videos I have seen of the many flash drive devices, nobody has covered everything in detail showing what can and cannot be done. Nor do they cover the Pros and Cons of the device. I would like to see a hands on demonstration of the device showing what it can and cannot do. I want to see complete detail and full disclosure, so I know if it is something I would like. You did reveal a weakness in the iXpand scandisk and that was the “J” format design had to go over the screen. So probably if you had an otterbox on your Iphone this product would not work because of the “J” design.

Daryl Chang says:

Is this better than the Leef iBridge 3?

Dean Sherer says:

I didn’t see it in the comments below, but you can take pictures using your iPhone from within the app, and the photos will be saved directly to the SanDisk. I plan to use this feature for an upcoming vacation since my iPhone 6S doesn’t have any storage left on it for photos.

Yuval Holoidovsky says:

Can i transfer photos from my computer to my Iphone library with this?

Akhtar Gadang says:

After I transferring my photos to the drive some of my photos are errors (some photos can’t be opened). Someone can tell me how to fix my problem?

Vladislav Budevich says:

Could you tell me, can I save documents (word, excel, PowerPoint, PDF etc) on this flash drive from my iPad? A then open it on my computer?

Alejo Miranda says:

Hey! I have a question: Can you store any kind of file? For example, a .psd or a .dwg? If so, can you then open these type of files with apps that support them like Procreate or AutoCAD 360? Can you send them from the iXpand app to iCloud Drive or Dropbox? I’m worried that I buy this flash stick and then I can’t use my files in my iPad.

Mohammed Aslam A.A. says:

hi flash hobbies.. i have a question.. is it possible for me to keep dis device connected to my iphone throughout vthout removing it..? and also wil it affect d battery..?? i heard from one my colleague that it was draining d battering very quickly and making d iphone heated up.. can u clear my doubt….

Donald Marshall says:

Can I put iTunes purchased movies on it and watch them without internet connection?

myfingerpainting says:

Hi! Can I use the iXpand to store or transfer across iPad documents like pdf?

Abigail Edmondson says:

I transferred all of my photos from my iPhone to this and plugged it into my laptop as my two-year-old knocked it out of my lap I watched it break in half. I am heartbroken and I don’t know what to do. Can I fix this ?

Tabah Santoso says:

when i shooting video with phone that can directly saving on ixpand drive?

cphmark says:

Is it possible to transfer “backwards” from Ixpand to Iphone?

Tony Rox says:

Thanks your video made my mind up cool

Miechol Canteros says:

Great video dude. Thanks this helped. Can you save an iMovie project that has been finalized in iMovie to this device directly? Instead of saving it to the camera roll and copying it to the device. It would be much more convenient.

Cindy Zap says:

After downloading it’s apps ,do you still need internet to back up your files?

Ravenwood says:

Can you watch videos from the ixpand on the iphone 7

Dinie Ammarshah says:

Can I transfer the videos from the ixpand to my iphone?

Bumblebee Sports says:

I don’t get it, if it’s only working one way from ipad to your computer, then why don’t just use the lightning cable to transfer your data?
i’m waiting for a flash drive that can directly transfer your photos or songs directly into iphone or ipad

Pablo Candia says:

do you know if u can save music wav? or mp3?


Luc Adoue says:


I was wondering if you can play the music stored in the iXpand in the background ? While running other apps.

Good review BTW 😉

Kila. says:

Are you filming this video with your iPhone? De quality is insane. Do you use lenzes or do anything in the editing software that make it look so clear?

Aaron Wang says:

You can take video directly from the app and it will store it on the drive right?

Rene Segura says:

Can i make a backup for MEGA or Dropbox??

Jaya Bhat says:

Good information thanks

Andrew Petherick says:

These are F,,,,,ing brilliant

wii1245 says:

Do you need to download a specific app to use this on your iPad?

Samrawit Alemseged says:

My question is: Will it also free storage so that I can download app’s. My phone only has 8gb, and I’ve had to constantly delete and replace app’s, meaning that I’ve probably only had 5 apps maximum on the my phone at a time.

Chi Umali says:

Innocent Question: Can the app be used offline? Like if I need to quickly transfer smth from phone to usb or vice versa, and there’s NO internet, does it work still? Again, innocent question.

philipckl91 says:

Hi. Anyone can kindly advice me? I bought this device and tried to copy the songs files from this device to my iphone. However the song files doesnt appears in my Apple Music folder. I tried to connect my iphone to PC (hopefully can manually move the songs to the original iphone music folder but this folder is not found). Any help please 🙁

gus cantu says:

Hello wondering if the product is able to extract videos from an app like Files HD or any other browsers base app that lets you download a video from a website

laughing buddha says:

Looks like a waste of money – if you need storage use a free cloud service with up to 50GB (apparently you can’t save docs either) ?

Danny Khoury says:

Hi, can I plug the flash drive in the iPhone and take pictures or video saved directly to it instead of using it to free up space?

Yoma Sofwan says:

can we directly take video or photo and save it to this flashdrive?

Harpreet Singh says:

Can we transfer documents when we connect it to pc and can then we have it on our iphone

Donna Knox says:

Once I download the app, do I need wifi to transfer pictures from the phone to the device.

GothicKittyMadness says:

put a fucking top on! Pervert!

John Cogs says:

Thanks for the video,
I purchased the san disk from Best Buy and it only downloaded 99 photos out of 2000 from my iPhone.
I wouldn’t recommend this device for anyone.

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