SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review // Chris Winter

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I review and speed test the SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 that I bought from Amazon.

It’s definitely the best and fastest USB 3.0 flash drive on Amazon or eBay.



I bought the SanDisk 64gb Extreme USB off Amazon and i’ve got to say that it is fantastic. The speed of this usb is incredible, easily reaching 200mbs for reads and 130mbs for writes. I often do video editing off this usb 3.0, which is almost unheard of as most usb’s do not produce fast enough speeds for this.

The USB is well made, has a retractable connection and is relatively cheap for what you get.

I highly recommend the Sandisk USB Extreme 3.0.


Matija Kranjec says:

Can you do your room tour/setup for us!! Subscribers? 

rplfreak says:

Hi mate and thanks for uploading this.
I’m in the market for a ~50GB USB 3.0 stick and have been considering this Sandisk Extreme 64GB, Lexar Jumpdrive P10 64GB and the Mushkin Ventura Ultra 60GB.
Mushkin claim speeds of 450 read/440 write but obviously it’s noway near this in reality.
The Sandisk has a true stable 190mbps write speed and the Lexar is even faster around 280mbps but the lexar costs around £60 and the Sandisk only £36.
On this rare occasion, I may go for price over performance and go with the sandisk.

Mitchell O'Brien says:

Hi Chris! Thanks for the great review! Just one question, it looks quite wide. How do you go plugging multiple USBs into your MacBook? Is it too big that you can only have the Extreme plugged in? Thanks

Adam Buckman says:

my pny gets about 162/102 do not buy at best buy unless you have them price match it on amazon trust be its $115 less on amazon so its worth it

Dom says:

Subbed for the Aussie accent

Sound Money Pirate says:

Corsair Flash Voyager GTX USB 3.0
Read speed up to 450MB/second and write speed up to 360MB/second
First to have SSD controller in it. So if you need small and fast this is the one to get.

But for me I think I will get another Samsung 850 SSD for less cost & more speed. Yea it’s bigger & have to use a sata 3 to usb 3 adapter but who cares it’s faster & cheaper.

mkfadzli abdullah says:

how to get disk speed test tool like that. where can i download it?

FiveManDown says:

Any lag when editing video?

Sourav Kumar says:

I have a problem . my sand disk extreme 3.0 gives only 70 mbps reading speed and 40 to 50 writing speed . can you please help me . i am using i 7 intel processor , 16 gb corsair ram , asus z 87 motherboard and my operating system is window’s 7 . thank you .

steve L says:

Hey, Quick question. I bought:-
1. SanDisk Extreme 64 GB USB Flash Drive USB 3.0
2. Inateck Superspeed 4 Ports PCI-E to USB 3.0 Expansion Card
To upgrade my machine. The problem is CrystalDiskMark shows the write speeds to be around the 130mbs and while writing windows 7 tells me its writing at 30mbs. Its a little below advertised if trusting crystal disk & its just plain broken if trusting windows 7. Any advice? Does my old rampage 2 extreme mobo hamper it. Wouldnt have thought so.. but cant think of any other reason.

geo p says:

can you please tell me if there is a led light in this product? and if it have is flashing during the read and write procedure?

Monodrive1 says:

I used it to backup a surface pro3 then i was format it to Fat32 but den it was Down to 32GB, how to get it back to 64GB?

Ron Moes says:

That’s some fast speeds there, however i would not go video editing from the usb flash drive because you will degrade much faster 🙂

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