SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD Flash Drive Review (AD)

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Delaterius says:

Some people are being critical of the fact that this proves that she likes having food and electricity like the rest of us, but in general, I don’t resent people for taking money or merch to compliment something they would have complimented anyway.

YOGSCAST Hannah says:

Got a follow up stat for this! I used it to take in my 100 GB of 1080p 60fps Civ footage, took about 7 minutes from a front USB 3.0 port. Office peeps were in disbelief until they saw the stats themselves! They’re also bringing out (or may have brought out by now) a portable LARGE SSD HD which can handle extreme temperatures for hiking etc. TECHNOLOGY IS GETTING AWESOME.

Denning76 says:

I’m not overly convinced you can have both a review and an ad concurrently.

Alex Warren says:

Paid review? Hmmmm.

nihnox says:

I still have a huge, sad external hard drive that died years ago but it had all my photos on it. Sigh. I don’t know if there’s any hope for getting them back

Super excited for my new desktop to arrive with a SSD. Upgrading from a 10 year old PC haha

Coiler SpoilersFTW says:

What are Yogscast reduced to? I remember when they were good shadow of Israphel days

Ian Izard says:

So… It’s just a large capacity flashdrive?

Soul Stealer says:

Welcome to yogscast 2018 everyone

Storm Dancer (Janelle) says:

Awesome! Can you do more reviews?

Duncan MacFarlane says:

Unnamed competitor is a Western Digital… who now own SanDisk… good choice for competitor.

V01t45 says:

When did hannah become a HW reviewer? 😀

Kofu H. says:

*1 2 8 G B S o l i d s t a t e f l a s h d r i v e* … Whaaaaa

Ben_Mug_Pen says:


Crystal, Hero of Pandora says:

One day hopefully hard drives are less of a faff around like they are

nayr h19 says:

Wish u could get a sponser from sandisk i buy so many sd cards for my yt

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