Sandisk Connect Wireless USB Stick 200GB in-depth review

Sandisk Connect Wireless USB Stick 200GB review, price and features explained along with its limitations and uses. This is a good way to wirelessly expand your existing phone’s memory.

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Mushfiq Rebel says:

Is it usb 2.0 or 3.0 ???????

Nakul J Nair says:

awesome video, guys. keep posting

JL leichter says:

love it have one my self but sandisk needs to work on a case to solve this issue for the newer iPhones

Bree Evian says:

can you connect to the drive with a 3rd party app like FileBrowser?


Which is the better wireless & ixpand Flash drive

tempmode37 says:

what hapens when the battery wears out?? are u locked away from your info??

Deepak Nanda says:

Very nice review and more informative to the point

BLUE_D says:


Hardik Patel says:

Is this a downside

If you are connected to the drive’s wifi,you can’t connect to ur own wifi and you will miss out you internet connection

Bree Evian says:

Can you leave it plugged into the wall and stream video and content from it continually. Basically utilising it as a file server

jacenty says:

Can you store apps on it?

C.V. Kalyan Kumar says:

I Have the 200 GB version. It works well with my iPhone, Android tablet, Mac and even smart TV. But when it comes to my windows 8.1 Laptop I can only connect using the USB port. Wireless connection using a web browser does not work. I have exhausted every forum and finally I am coming here. I connect directly to its hotspot and type: but it doesn’t work. I tried the IP address: but it still wouldn’t work. I connected the device to my home network but my browser wouldn’t access the drive after typing its IP add. It connectes to my Mac but not PC wirelessly. Can you help??

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