SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive Review

SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive Review

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tenzin jinpa says:

you cant put mp3 or mp4 and games in dropbox.

Dilshan Karunaratne says:

no i love dropbox

TheEliteGamer X says:

Good review Keaton I watch all of your posts on

TheWierdkid55 says:


iSetKidsOnFireXD says:

That’s awesome

Joey says:

why is your voice different in older videos

Ariel Tolentino says:

do you need wifi?

whalers67 says:

Battery life?

CryptoMasta says:

No dumbly

jon g says:

That’s perry cool

Daniel Huebner says:

no you can’t get internet access from the usb drive since the usb is not connected to the internet, 

lennonSystems says:

Good luck to your channel too, maybe you also will have once a big channel like him 😉

CryptoMasta says:


TheTechClub says:

Yes, this required a wireless internet connection as it operated via. Wi-Fi.

H5ire says:

I see there is iOS 7 in ur iphone 5..!! 😉
its looks cool..!!

StrandedAtC says:

Wait since you’re connected to the USB and it says is its giving off a wifi signal could you have Internet access on it?

TheWierdkid55 says:


Craig Brauckmiller says:

What? Why didn’t you cover the security features on the unit? Or doesn’t it have security? Seems pretty sketchy that you can just connect to it. What is the battery life? What is the max capacity? Not much of a review.

Matt Halpain says:

super cool device. I have an iPhone and it only has 16gb internal storage and this would be great to add some more storage. I like how the sandisk has removable micro SD card for swappable storage

tenzin jinpa says:

battery life is more then a week

LAWx Neros says:

If I was in a car could I stream a video from the sandisk to my iphone without wifi or does it need to be connected to my home wifi ?

John Sartain says:

Well I know u don’t have much money or sponsers or what ever maybe even starting out but I wish u luck I know it’s hard and people can be pretty mean

PeanutExile says:

sweet review

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