SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive Hands on Review

The SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive allows you to use it as a regular thumb drive, or you can turn on the wireless signal and both Mobile Devices and Computers with wireless cards can connect to it.

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Danny Cheek says:

Lmao at all these idiots in the comment section asking for a price and instructions. Like seriously do you not know how to listen and/or look it up on google. Derp

Penos nababan says:

How to use & price?

leglessinoz says:

The one I have won’t charge or be recognised by my PC or anything else.

unclexjordan says:

Thank you good sir! This helped me feel better about getting a wireless usb flash drive. I don’t own one yet, however I think I will be getting one now. I saw a 16gb for $24 at walmart. Unfortunately I need something bigger. And I also can’t run iOS 8 efficiently on my phone.

Anyways, thank you very much! I know this is near 3 years old now but it actually answered some questions. Also you look like my brother, so that’s cool. Lol.

Liked for great justice!

Kuldeep Kaur says:

thanks for showing me this video

babyboy loc says:

you can put another size card in it. i bought the 16gb version and put a 32 gb card in it

Saifuddeen Baksh says:

can i wirelessly connect to a pc

neotargetone says:

Why can’t I write to it wirelessly???? Big dissapointment!!!

RHO1953 says:

Awesome. Perfect for accessing music, video or other entertainment without using data. Gotta have one………

Sumona Florence says:

Eli the Syllable Guy

Wendy Lim says:

my mp3 suddenly stop playing

Abdul Azeem says:

Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick 64GB it doesn’t works in smart TV any solutions for this….

rainbowsalads says:

I wonder which is faster the media drive or usb stick?

Daiquez Brown says:

hey are you sponsored or partnered with sandisk to get free stuff for review

stonent says:

WebDAV for PC on this would be nice. But I can understand why they don’t want writing from a PC over WIFI, probably to protect from malware.


whats the length of transfering a 1gig file to it wirelessly, just for reference.

You have 2 cents, Chuck Norris has 1 cent. Chuck Norris has more money than you says:

I went with the SanDisk Extreme 64GB. I prefer fast speeds. There are no speed ratings on that drive.

Furkan Genişyürek says:

I do it but no work. I started USB and i connected USB’s wifi on pc. I was go “” and “” but it writted “”DRIVE NOT CONNECTED”. Why ?

Jeff Mues says:

I watched you video, and thought the flashdrive was pretty cool, but then i got to the end and heard something i did not think i would hear a “computer guy” say, its just really funny you refered to your video being taped instead of being recorded, unless your still using tape media. Lol just thought i would point that out cause its funny and maybe only to me.

Roman Shtamler says:

veery good

bbq10 says:

can I transfer the pics I have on my bb to this

Robert Foster says:

AWESOME Review, thank you. 🙂
Exactly qwhat I was looking for… ok running to the amazon store to buy one. 🙂
ooh and for those that dont know. – Western Digital now owns SanDisk 🙂

Daxter Jack says:

I don’t get it, he said we can only ready from it but others Reviewers say we can also upload to it as well!! what is the correct answers! or how do we know the difference from the Wireless Flash Drives so we don’t get them mixed up. In addition does this work with android phones as well?

bbq10 says:


Navaghan dharajiya says:


Samoh Kul says:

I didn’t know you can’t write to it wirelessly. Bummer!!

Omar Calderon says:

the answer is no the 32GB Wireless Flash drive does not support ex-fat, However the 64GB Wireless Flash drive is upgradeable from 64GB To 128GB!!! I highly recommend the 64GB This particular flash drive is no longer in production you can however find them on ebay! either new or used I recommend the 64gb for it’s upgrade-ability

corey84douglass says:

Question please…
What are are 3 Interfaces that could used with removable data storage unit such as an external hard drive?

Everything To Know says:

Can I read PDFs or docs direct from my phone device by just connected to Sandisk?

Mark Schwacofer says:

24.00 for the 32 gb 64gb 39.00 thanks for the video.

Lagger Onesixfour says:

Micro SSD? Come on… It’s Micro SD as in Secure Digital…

super man says:

can we store apps and games in this device and use it on your iphone???pls can anyone tell me

traktorwerkz says:

oh boy
do you have the most annoying presentation manner. you way way over emphasize your words

Yvonne Tab says:

Just to clarify … can the device read a micro SD (from a camera) and then transmit the images to a tablet?

Bree Evian says:

Can I leave it plugged into the wall USB socket and stream video from it?

biomechanism1 says:

So this thing broadcasts its wireless thingy right.. I wonder how many mobile devices it can infect.

Dev The Hippie says:

soooo if i plug it up and connect am i on the internet?

Kabiru Mukhtar says:

nice idea

Samoh Kul says:

now I know how to make it work on my other computers..thank you!

ethan Chua says:

Can the Wireless Flash Drive without discounting the main Wifi while using the device ( IOS or android )?

Richard Landis says:

Please do a review of the new kickstarter gadget, that’s like this SanDisk unit, but maybe even better, called iLuun.

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