Samsung USB 3.0 Flash Drive Duo – Review and Testing

The Samsung USB 3.0 Flash Drive Duo is reviewed this week on Jenny Fedora Reviews. We put this device through a testing to see if the rugged and reliable 5 proof technology claim really holds up.

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From the Manufacturer:

When form and function come together, the Samsung USB 3.0 DUO Flash Drive features a high-quality, metal casing for added durability and a streamlined ergonomic design, for a drive that’s easy to take in the car, to work, or anywhere you go. You can count on Samsung performance and reliability to keep your data safe and accessible.

When you want flexibility, you need the Samsung USB 3.0 DUO Flash Drive. With both a micro and standard USB connection, it’s the all-purpose drive for desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Samsung reliability safeguards your data. The newest in the Samsung family of memory products, this USB flash drive offers NAND flash technology, 5-year warranty, and 5-proof technology that makes your memory storage water proof, shock proof, temp proof, magnetic proof, and X-Ray proof. It’s all the quality you’ve come to expect from Samsung, the trusted name for memory.

**Water-resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes; rinse residue and dry after wet**



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terminator ninjaassassin says:

SHOCK PROOF, makes it watch a dramatic movie ending..doesn’t cry, yep it works

citystreetrace says:

Nice review, not just some corpo. crap saying how nice it looks! Thanks

Lauren C says:

I have a similar Samsung drive myself. While it looks really good, I greatly question the use of aluminum in the drive’s construction, especially in a pocket full of keys. For a rugged (albeit expensive) drive, I’d think Titantium or Tungsten would be better options for a premium drive, so long as one doesn’t stick it in the same pocket with a smartphone.

Capital Punishment says:

You should have put some files on the USB then done each test individually. Who knows if the magnets could have corrupted something. Wasted opportunity.

Manuel Antonio says:

Man,shock proof isnt the same as hammer proof,and water proof isnt the same as coffe proof.

Soop TV says:

I think the hammer fucked it up

Jakub Rac says:

it’s bit expensive but two port types are great.
now i’m waiting 4 micro usb, usb and SD and micro SD card reader in one.

Beer By The Numbers says:

Love your thorough testing process! Fun review, Cheers!

Ilene Perfetto says:

wish you had tested it after EACH type of damage you applied.

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