Need More iPhone Memory? Leef iBRIDGE Review

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Anthonylin206 says:

those this work with iphone 5c? and can I use it to transfer music?

Dan Williams says:

U can’t put apps on that thing right? Just pictures and docs

Michael Fink says:

Question: When you load music or videos onto the drive, can you watch/listen to them directly from it, or do you need to move the files onto your phone to use them? Wondering if I could load movies on it and watch them on the road without sending them to my phone first. Thanks!

Christopher Gonzalez says:

well how much is it?????

binharb Harb says:

Get to the point hell

James Dodd says:

Good video,self explanatory,going to get one of those,cheers.

Robert JOSAN says:

I understand that I can download pictures, film, or files from the iphone 6 S Plus to upload to my Mac or PC but can I download Film, pictures or files from my Mac or Pc to either view on my Iphone or upload to my iphone ?
~Thank you , Robert

gagiva Tan says:

Sandisk copy leef?? who copy who? Hahaha

djayawarman alamprabu says:

To bad the plug doesn’t comply with using a case which protect the lightning input like rhinoshield case 🙁 we have to take off the case to use it. I hope Leef company will upgrade this downside

K13Good says:

Ugh I have thousands of photos on my iPhone. And I already transferred thousands to my computer but it put them in several folders and it gets rid of the dates when they were taken or whatever so I hate that I lose the organization when transferring them over..

valentino alonso novillo says:

Can I watch movies from the pen drive on the go?

Corinne J says:

Regarding cases getting in the way…the Leef fits perfectly with my Speck case for my iPhone 6 Plus!

Heartless says:

I’m going on a trip and I won’t have internet, would I be able to download movies and stuff onto the drive and be able to watch it on my phone?

manuariiv says:

But you must have the airpod with an iPhone 7 if you want to listening the music.

Chudomania says:

Can you just record video from the phone straight to it?

Des Chew says:

Can you save video files taken by iPhone directly into this gadget? Or I need to transfer it over?

nevergetany says:

Can game apps be transferred and played on the flash drive, or does the game have to be played on the iphone?

Memq says:

You werent ready to pay a 100 bucks more to buy yourself a 64gb iphone but spending 100 bucks for this was ok?

Warren States says:

Brilliant review!

idele mc fadden says:

I have videos on Facebook messengers and I am trying to save it on my leef thumb drive and
It does not work, can you help me?

Jessi TRan says:

Does it work with the iphone 5?

Tad Ames says:

Can you play music from the device or do you have to transfer the music files back and forth to play the songs?

Itz Bryy says:

Can apps go on here

前. 輩 says:

One question, what if I transfer all the musics to this small storage device and I wanna listen to music? Do I plug this thing in to listen? I mean like once ALL the music are transferred they will be no music on the Phone itself already right, so when I wanna to listen to music do I plug it in to or else I can’t listen to any songs?

Cali United says:

Can I put apps

Marcus Leviente says:

Can you watch movies with it?

yedhukrishnan ps says:

Really awesome


Can I save music to it & play music from it on my phone? Via its own app outside of ios format?

Yehudim HaJudenschwein says:

I think you are confused between memory and storage.

binharb Harb says:

Stupid. Go sleep

KG Vibes says:

i make videos using the iphone , will videos recorded save directly to the drive rather then using the phones space ??

Drkpip says:

this works to store movies and songs and play them on ipad? or just my photos and videos taken with the camera. or do i need a jb tweak or something?

You aygebi says:

How do i plug it in an ipad ??? Someone explain

Gio048 says:


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