Leef Supra 3.0 USB Flash Drive Review

Leef Supra 3.0 is one of the smallest 3.0 USB Flash drives available. The drive is small enough to comfortably leave in any USB port and is designed with Leef’s signature soft-glow LED encased in a methacrylic resin. Leef Supra 3.0 allows you to copy, move, and share data up to 10 times faster than your old 2.0 USB Flash drive.

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Top Features:
– PrimeGrade™ Memory Technology. Waterproof, Dust proof
– High speed USB 3.0
– Cool Aluminum Body
– Extremely small design
– Windows & Mac support
– No annoying software
– Soft-Glow LED

Colors: Charcoal or Silver
16GB: $14.99
32GB: $24.99

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Douglas Galetti Ribeiro says:

Any idea if it works on Ubuntu/Linux ?

AndrewsDenmark says:

Good video.

You state it’s fast.. I saw the transfer rate @ 3:00 and it’s USB 3.0 speed was 7-8 Mb/sec. That is NOT fast compared to other mini 3.0 devices.

CheapSushi says:

“soft” glow….heh

TheAlpha1550 says:

$25 for a USB 3.0 32 GB high quality flash drive? That’s a bomb deal.

CuteLiIKitty says:

I remember when a 16GB flash drive was $50+(that when I bought mine) Wish I waited just another few years….

peatear42 says:

I bought the 32GB Leef Surge because of it’s compact size, I love it, but the only downside is it’s USB 2.0 making the transfer speed 2-3X as long as USB 3.0. 
If it were 3.0, it would be the best USB flash drive in the world! -IMO

-I feel like in just a couple of years (2-4 maybe), a 1TB memory can be fitted in something as small as an SD card 😛

m1nhtyfresh says:

Does a 30mm split key ring fit into the lanyard hole of the Leef Supra 3.0?

djumkue says:

It doesn’t come with a plastic cap for the plug-in part?

muwen360 says:

Love the Supra 3.0 USB Drive from +Leef!
Leef Supra 3.0 USB Flash Drive Review 

123thepyro123 says:

How would you compare this to the Leef Ice? I’m unsure which I should go with.

SKANDaR0875 says:

3.0 (1min4Sec) vs  2.0 (1min26sec) where is the “10x  faster” speed?! am I missing something here?! “26sec is huge” your math is way off!
10x faster the speed should be the 1/10 of the 2.0  which according to you, it  should be 8.6sec for 3.0. Did you plug the flash drive to a 3.0 USB port?

Tony Oglesby says:

Question. when storing movies on this, do you watch the movies from the flashdrive or move the movie onto your device?

Ryan says:

Great video!

I’d probably get one of those but the only problem i’d have with it is that i will misplace it  a lot.

dageezerboi says:

I guess something this tiny would be great if you plan on leaving it in your device 24/7.. but what about having it on a keyring? It doesn’t come with a cap or such like to protect it? 

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