Kingston HyperX Savage USB Flash Drive Review

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – The Kingston HyperX Savage USB brings close to SSD performance in a flash drive form factor – See portable SSD reviews: and subscribe here:

0:02 – Hardware overview and comparison to portable SSD drives
1:10 – USB 3.1 Gen 1 vs. USB 3.0 vs. USB 3.1 Gen 2 discussion
2:38 – Performance benchmark (Blackmagic Disk Speed test)
4:22 – Video editing with multi camera 4k video project
5:49 – Copying a file
6:35 – 4k high bitrate video playback
6:49 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This is the fastest USB stick I’ve tested to date that can deliver close to SSD performance. But it’s not as consistent as some of the SSD drives we’ve tested on the channel.

Writes start off very, very fast but quickly step down as its on board cache fills up and it has to wait for the flash memory to write the data. Reads though are more consistent, regularly deliver speeds at well over 300 megabytes per second.

I would recommend this for people looking for fast performance using applications that read more data than they write. Video editing, gaming, and movie playback will be fine. I don’t recommend it for write intensive applications like video capture.

4K test file with the train and calendar comes from – used under a Creative Commons license.

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sbcooler says:

How would it do playing back and editing 4 cams in final cut pro multicam with 1080p 30 frames a second prores LQ. What about 9 cams?

How many frames per second did your video show in 4K. 30 or 60 or some other?

Divine born says:


Parker Birtell says:

Great video Lon! Would there be any possibility of a video showing the difference side by side video editing on this vs a standard laptop hd? I always thought the video was stored in the ram while you’re working with it. You’re the best!

King Stone says:

Will it work on the Xbox One S?

ConscriptedRussian says:

The design of that thing looks really nice.

mike maynard says:

great work as always lon.

Anøuar Bøedhøe 倫立 says:

Does this USB also make my PC faster with gaming??

Byron Chen says:

So you’ll have no problem downloading game models to this type of USB stick?

Justin says:

I wouldn’t mind a giveaway. I could use this for backups

Luis Miguel Silva says:

Hi, can you trying to put a video test of write speed of this pendrive of mpeg photos (of 2 or 3 MB each), please?
Thank you.

Crestoify says:

Honesty is always appreciated!

- Gusmanbro - says:

wow, in your outro you had 700 subs, now its 78,000

Rounak Dutta says:

Lon you should review some USB type-C drives there quiet useful At least for me I can use them on my PC, Phone and Macbook and by God are they fast. Not gonna name any specific brand tho but we mostly know the good brands.

EposVox says:

I’ve literally never had a Micro USB or Micro USB 3.0 connector or cable break. I don’t understand what the people who complain about that do to their devices o_O

PizzaParty9 says:

looks awsome lots of space for linux iso’s and windows installers lol

James Rufer says:

I really like the fact that you are doing the disclaimer all the time now. Lends additional credibility to your reviews.

Jamie Mui says:

not a total correct review. With fat32 format out the box, the stick does have performance issue with small files write, does have the cache issue. But if you use exFat instead, the stick is almost as described by the factory stats, 365 read and 235 write.

Moshe Stone says:

can you review the kingston mobilelite wireless g3? just came out on the 8th of feb

sonicwave001 says:

that’s a pretty sleek flash drive! definitely come in handy!

R3D says:

What happens to the voyo mini PC?

misterPAINMAKER says:

Did you try it with 3.1 usb port?

Benjamin Fuller says:

+Lon Seidman Have you tried to use this with Microsoft Storage Spaces? Typically USB Flash/Thumb drives do not work. Just curious.

FiveManDown says:

Does it work any better with 1080p video or still lag?

Nu B says:

This is my next Bitcoin wallet.

Youtube Account says:

Savage speeds for a save usb

Abdullah Lumumba says:

can I hook it to my tv

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