Flash Drive Showdown! The best USB for DJs!

Crystal disk mark: http://crystalmark.info/software/CrystalDiskMark/index-e.html
The fastest drive for the money: http://tinyurl.com/bestflashdrive (THIS SPOT WILL BE UPDATED CONTINUALLY WITH THE BEST DRIVE AVAILABLE)

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Luis Hoxha says:

is a 16 gb usb good for just one cdj, (not all 4 off them)

Sh1ro says:

Why no mention of the ethernet cable bandwith? anyway good video !

adrianfa1265 says:

The Kingston Hyper X Savage is both faster and cheaper than the Kingston Hyper X DataTraveller (blue one)


aleksandarkiki says:

Your math is wrong dude 🙂 there is a lot more processes on CDJ that is constantly read and (sometimes) write data to usb stick. If your math is true, there should be no difference in performance on CDJ between slow flash drives and fast, but there is. There is significant performance difference between two USB 3.0 sticks (100mb/s read, 40mb/s write –vs– 220mb/s read, 180mb/s write) when using databases which have 1000+ songs. (Rekordbox database use a ton of small files, and when you have very large database… well… think about it) 🙂
Testing a USB stick with 15 songs is not real world test.

Paul Cox says:

What usb do you recommend? now I have 2x survivior 64 gb. The problem is that my nexus two players very often do not address the rekordbox. I expect this is the USB.

bigdaddymex2003 says:

Kingston Digital 1TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT USB 3.1/3.0 300MB/s R, 200MB/S Flash Drive (DTUGT/1TB)

Melih k says:

My Sandisk extreme just died after 6 months without using it heavily

Jeff Pazen says:

Outstanding. Glad I found your video, thanks so much for putting this together and posting it!

Ruud Peeters says:

I used Corsair Stealth Survivor USBs for my DJ’ing, but I can definitely recommend NOT to use these, as they don’t work or pair well with Pioneer/Rekordbox and Nexus software. I had various problems during a set, which is obviously a big bummer. I’m switching to Sandisk now.

William Sanchez says:

Could you recommend me flash drive 128 gb buy?

BLOOM says:

nice video! thanks!

VoodooSage says:

The link currently goes to a 64 gig drive.  CDJ firmware revs top out at supporting 32, right?  Which is better: to buy a 64 and format it 32 vs just buying a 32?

Mac Joseph says:

will the XDJ-RX2 read a 128GB sandisk thumb drive?

Andrew Baptiste says:

Kingston 64GB HX Savage USB 3.1/3.0 350MB/s R, 180MB/s W(HXS3/64GB)
I wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts or experiences with this particular flash drive. The one suggested in this video seems to be out of stock everywhere?
I’m also open to recommendations/suggestions please and thank you all.
Great video Christian Jackson, thanks for the detailed comparison and advice/direction.

Into Orbit says:

Quick question – Are there any problems if i use a 128/256gb USB stick with CDJ 2000’s? Thanks, great video.

Stu Fisher says:

do you use sandisk secure access or otherwise encrypt your USB drives?

Peter Young says:

thank you for such a profound test.

Phil Gaitan says:

Christian Recently Purchased Samsung 500 GB SSD Works Lightning Fast on sale for $130

DJ White says:

I have the HyperX 64gb and 128gb. They work fine, but the 64gb export is taking much longer than the 128gb usb stick. Any suggestions? Its like 3 times longer..

RubberKid100 says:

Have you got a HyperX Savage usb? those are even faster than the blue HyperXs and don’t cost a ton more.

Daniel Morgan says:

good stuff

NADΛMS says:

so i shouldnt buy the digital hyperx savage?? which one should i buy haha i knoe the video is like 2 years old but id reall appreciate a response!

Dj Phase Four says:

Good stuff here.

Vinay Vishwatma says:

come back with a best 128 gb pendrives n compete it with a similar video plz?

Krzysztof Myhan says:

We don’t shift decimal just like that since it’s 1024 based not 1000 based…

Vinay Vishwatma says:

GOD BLESS U SAVED TOO MANY SOULS…u are a god amongst us DJs now…

VoyageOne1 says:

I use the Verbatim Tough & Tiny 16gb drive.

Vladimír Petija says:

so what music do you play when you DJ?

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