Flash Drive or SSD? Corsair Voyager GTX 256GB

Flash Drive or SSD? Corsair Voyager GTX 256GB
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Please note: if read literally, the terms “flash drive” and “solid state drive” could be synonymous.

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Emma Nieuwenhuis says:

Are there any of these that use USB 3.1?

Trump says:

can the GTX 256gb run minesweeper? havnt seen this gpu from NVidia

Tom From YT - Gameplays and more! says:

My current Flash drive has Read and Write speeds of 350MB/s read and 250MB/s write. It’s 128GB and uses USB 3.1

Doesn’t really blow it to shame.

EDIT: I might also add that it costs less than half the price of the GTX 256GB, and you could get the 256GB model, still with 350MB/s read and 250MB/s write speeds for around $50 less than the GTX 256GB.

Vincent Coronel says:

Why not use a enclosure for your intel ssd? My HyperX savage comes up with a good enclosure which is really nice.

benster82 says:

I’ll probably pick up one of these to use as a portable Windows 10 flash drive. I currently use a SanDisk 128GB usb 3.0 flash drive for this right now and I’ll get a considerable speed boost with one of these!

FastRedPonyCar says:

This is my main flash drive for the home and office. A lot of it is done transferring data to/from a samsung nvme 960pro. The speed of those two devices slinging bits and bytes back n forth is bonkers. Entire iso’s for an OS in 7 or 8 seconds…

Not quite what the advertising on the package says in my real world usage but close enough that it’s still miles ahead of any other 3.0 usb drive I own.

Bob Newell says:

I think it’s time to upgrade my old Corsair Flash Voyager GT 16GB. It was a USB 2.0 drive. interestingly, it outperforms faster 3.0 drives when they are plugged into a USB 2.0 port.

Nathan Theule says:

i have the same placemat, lol

Aman Pratap Singh says:

what is your opinion about this Corsair Pen Voyager Mini 512GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive ?

toontownlegomaster says:

I have usb 2.0. if I got just.like your standard sandisk flash drive and ran windiws 10 on it would it be good enough

Vendzor says:

Does anyone else love the feeling when you eject a USB from your computer and it feels really warm? It’s like some kind of assurance that a bunch of torrented Pirate Bay files are now on it, and the heat really shows it

Aidan Robertson says:

SanDisk Extreme 3.0 is good too

revolcane says:

I need to get one of these for Readyboost 😛

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ says:

I will never buy an expensive USB stick anymore due to it’s tininess. -.-
I had the last one for 2 days until I lost it.

Moody says:

“…Mac, Linux, OS X…”
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kyle Manning says:

I’m looking to install an Ubuntu Linux installation on an external drive. After watching this I realize that an external flash drive can compete with an SSD drive, but moreover can definitely compete with an external HDD. Great video.


I would use it on my Xbox 1 for currently playing games for faster loads.

Zoch Buppet says:

Lets quickly do this off the top of my head.

Vitne says:

I may try using this with Pro Tools! Getting tired of my big external HD

Ezra Dudden says:

Mobile steam library anyone?

SovietCoding says:

who needs this much GB? 64GB = 60 full length movies! my usb stick has 32GB and 100MB/second to put stuff on it

No Names says:

A geek who is using Windows naively? Even not a latest incarnation of it?

Justa318i says:

I have one of these and thought about keeping it in the back of my PC to play my larger games off of (SSD isn’t very big)

Some friends said this will kill the flash drive within a few months, is there any truth in this?

Ci Fang says:

Could I put my OS on it and plug it in my PC like a car. With out the ssd the pc won’t bot up to windows?

Mario CEO says:


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George Wang says:

Nice review. I have just ordered one for myself. Hope it’s good.

William Darney says:

It must depend on your USB driver, I get the claimed 360MB/s reads in atto using the UASP enabled driver on my dell.

blackserb says:

is there a 3.1?

Red Phoenix says:

@8:43 It is a fair comparission if you think in performance per €, $ etc.

Mr LloydVal says:

so does this work with encryption software like veracrypt?

OptimisticPessimist says:

Trick question? SSD uses flash chips. Portable flash drive is always an SSD. All memory cards are SSDs. Whether they all use flash, not sure. Solid state means no moving parts.

Danny Medz says:

Sorry if this is random and doesnt pertain to the product but what kind of mousepad is that ?

Moin Ud Din says:

hello brother tell me this is genuine usb 256gb

Dre Dejong says:

“That was dumb” –> LOL

Peace Dog says:

It would be nice to also see the Corsair Voyager GS benchmarked against the GTX

innerphase5 says:

I know this video is old but I really appreciate that you point out that the scale in the graphs is different. It’s a good detail to point out and it really helps with the overall quality of your videos. Love you work, Paul.

darkultra says:

Does filesystem affect performance? What did you use?

masskilla469 says:

but does it have wifi?

Kang Liu says:

Are there any other USBs by other brands that are similar to the Corsair Voyager GTX? I.E. Sandisk, Samsung, or Toshiba.

SpiritualTheChannel says:

Does anyone know how the Corsair Flash Voyager GTX V2 compairs?
Greets S

pcdok2ren says:

Make a W2G (Windows to Go) from either a 8.1 / 10 Enterprise editions or use the free tool Win2USB to make a W2G from any versions of Windows 8.1/10…

I have 2 of these one is running win8.1 the other Win10 prepend as EUFI, and with the most used drivers injected, I can boot into windows on most modern motherboard / chipset…

Johnny DaZ says:

Does it run crysis?

MeJoho says:

I want to run a virtual machine on a USB drive but it has to have great write speed. I think I will buy Lexar JumpDrive S75 64GB.

0pTicaL823 says:

Ever since I went with cap-less SanDisk Extreme PRO 256GB USB 3.1 I never looked back. Sustained transfer speeds is what it’s really about.

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