Fake 1TB USB Flash Drive Teardown & Review

I bought a 1TB USB Flash drive on eBay, which I highly suspected was fake.
Nonetheless, I wanted to prove, rather than speculate, that it was fake.

Instead, the drive turned out to be completely dead!

To test USB Flash Drives and SD Memory cards for their real capacity, use either one of these programs:

For Windows, use H2Testw:

For Mac OS X, Use SDspeed:


SandPox says:

oh you still alive, just saw some activity on twitter

Larry Bundy Jr says:

Carl, can you check out these new “disposable” USB sticks that are made out of paper? I find them fascinating, but they’re a bit on the pricey side to be truly disposable IMO.

bcmasur says:

For anyone wondering about fake flash drives, get h2testw 1.4 from heise.de web site, which can also be found through a google search…

Do R/C! says:

Any true udp drive will be constructed like yours. The ics and circuitry are all bonded together basically inside the pcb. If it has a plastic case then its not udp construction.

Martin Draganski says:

I’ve recently purchased a 2TB thumb drive. The capacity seems legit, certainly when displayed in Properties (2,097,874,465,280 bytes). It claims to be USB 3.0, but copies to stick at about 10 MB/s (even in HiProfm policies). It cost me only 15AUD so kinda worth it, I use it for backing up large files.

Johnny Michaels says:

Is it less safer to buy from Amazon?

the3dvideo says:

Did you get your money back?

Markus Bates says:

I understand avoiding a witch hunt but maybe give a few characters of seller name to help people avoid being stung by this seller.

Bogdan Mihai says:

Very interesting video! Many thanks for your research and for sharing this with all of us.

Sudos says:

how about a 1TB Sony that actually seems to work and report, until it’s fatally found out it’s not all it’s cracked up to be?

this is easily why I’ll get a flash drive from newegg or Amazon via fulfillment, because if the drive doesn’t work, or comes riddled with errors, either company will gladly repalce it for you without the need to elevate into some altercation.

Michael Beeny says:

It’s almost impossible to stop such people selling fakes. After many complaints they just open a new account under a different name. They fully understand that few people will go to the expense of returning the item for a refund. I always look at customer feedback, if it’s NOT 99.5% positive I will not order. Remember the old saying..If it looks to good to be true, it probably is not.

Spiffy Jay says:

I wouldn’t even trust plugging that in my own PC

King NXT says:

Lol, didnt know that hewlett packard->hp *Mindblown* then is packard bell same company?

Don't talk to me or my son ever again says:

Ewwwww mac

Paul Capewell says:

i got a 2tb iron man usb of ebay and they were only 8gb. we need to shut these con artists down permanently !

Jose Cardona says:

there gonna be sold in stores in a few months if that’s the reason why there’s memory cards are on sale

pcuser80 says:

Its very strange in ebay world
I bought a ultra mini 8gb usb drive stick very cheap.
tested with h2testw, capacity 8gb!!!!! no errors found. its slow but it works.
put 2 movies on it each 4gb, still no errors till today….

Guy Fawkes says:

Another clue: the “Works with Windows Vista” emblem on the front of the packaging card! Considering Vista came out in 2007 and the 1TB flash drive wasn’t available until 2013 that shouldn’t be there.

The Party Gods says:

ll read da fuken title the flash drive is for windiows

.NetSam says:

On Mac, you can open a program called “disk utility”. It will tell you all of the drives connected, and sometimes the ones that don’t show up in finder will show up in this program. You can’t open and explore the files, but it tells you the supposed capacity and gives you some options to try and repair it.

bcmasur says:

True 1TB does NOT exist yet in a flash drive.

Claude Mac says:

How much is the usual price? I am from The Philippines.

s7w2a says:

Just about everything china sell is fake or counterfeit they also lie about their location such as being in phillipine, thailand, japan.. just to fool the buyer to buy.. you can blame the jews for out sourcing our manufacturing to china to get cheap labor and give us shitty products

Youtube Pizzer says:

Correction: UDP is more expensive than COB, in fact, UDP is even more durable.

Suraj Tamang says:

Hi carl, have you done the video for testing sd card by sdspeed app ??
I’m a mac user and want to test whether my newly bought sd card is genuine or not. I can’t find any video doing the test by sdspeed as all of them are done by h2testw on windows computer.

Ding Palado says:

For Windows Console, macOS and Linux, use F3.

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