Dual USB Flash Drive Fail -Samsung Duo Plus

Today we check out the Samsung duo plus USB drive. A drive that is handy to have until you need to use it?

TLDW: 11:04
Grab the duo plus here: https://amzn.to/2BBXVTQ

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Jaloliddin Po'latov says:

Are there any falsification duo plus flash drives on the market?

Tinas Askus says:

this flash drive is total crap… broke it in first day :/ put it in my pocket and cap from usb-c poped off and it broke usb-c port :/

lordphenix2002 says:

I picked up this exact drive about 2 weeks ago for the initial reason of installing Windows into a few new PC’s that I’ve been asked to build for family members after the holidays. Since I don’t know what motherboards that I’ll be dealing with, I thought that having the dual port functionality would come in rather handy.

Tube Watcher says:

Your Samsung flash drive is a speed demon compared to my Sony Microvault USM-X. The sequential write speed is at least 2 to 3 times faster than what I’m getting. Perhaps my 5 year old PC is bottlenecking performance but FWIW the Samsung is now on my buy list. Thanks for the video.

Golowosek says:

I dont know English very well. Are you recommend this flash drive or what?


seems to just be a poor design on samsungs part
but since we are you described currently in the limbo of c and a
this drive doesnt seem worth it atm

Xdew Gaming&More says:

WHY would they put a chipset in there? It doesn’t help any.
The adapter is just a plug type adapter, the adapter DOESN’T NEED A CHIPSET!, the pins are exactly the same just different form factor, it’s not a speedbooster, the speed is capped by the flash drive anyways…
Why blame it on this drive?
You should be happy they even included the adapter…
Again, WHY?

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