Building The ULTIMATE USB Flash Drive!

We set out to build the ultimate DIY USB drive. To do so, we used a high speed M.2 SSD and Silverstone’s new MS09 M.2 to USB 3.1 Gen2 adapter. Let’s see how well it worked!

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dreadnaughtdarkness says:

Must be nice to splurge on a 1TB M.2

성제연 says:

review davinci resolve 14

Alexander L says:

Useless … Use nvme otherwise … Boring

Randy Davis says:

Thanks for putting links below, because you TALK so fast I got a nose bleed….bahahaha

Jowan Mckend says:

I don’t know why but I always refer NTFS to “not the f*cking salt”

Yudhatama Rico Syafiq Alfaruq says:

star lord…. is dat u

Paul Hoeksema says:

i will install ubuntu on it with steam so i can play games at school

Foxfighter 84 says:

Just imagine loosing the drive

Live Abaddon says:

Hey HardwareCanucks, is it possible to use these with a RAID array?

The BadLuckBear says:

I can’t be the only one that reads the channel name as HardwareCucks, right?

Daniel CABRERA says:

Nice wallpaper! Where did you find it?

RizzyWow says:

It’s kinda silly. Why not use Thunderbolt 3?! Get that 40gbps

Bob Wareham says:

Hi that sounds good for my Raspberry Pie what do you think?

Rex Art says:

“Eject USB”

Jason Gooden says:

Technology is change so quickly

Tullock says:

affordable m2s? lol where.

harshlens says:

I wish they would have done some temps showcasing.

Cedced_ Bro says:

dont know if you mentioned it but are there any differences with maybe better m.2 SSDs ?

Jonidipp Gaming says:

did you format it to 32k? doesnt 32k will make transfer faster?

Sumesh Khadgi says:

Yuuzbee stick

Isaac Vrba says:

I found Starlord.

Matt LeeGee says:

So lets say your laptop comes with a SSD m.2 and you wanted to upgrade to a bigger internal SSD could you buy one of these enclosures for current and install new SSD then do your transfer?

ProFerus TN says:

How to build theULTIMATE usb drive
buy usb drive

Pheelers says:

Will defiantly be doing this

yamicarlo says:

Great device. is it possible to use it as a bootable sata hard disk too ?

Infinity 8 says:

Is it good? GTX 1050(4gb) + gtx g assist! More fps?

Don Barron says:

Are there any enclosures that support NVMe?

Brad Ling says:

You gotta test this with a better SSD, like 860 EVO that is at least 500GB, so that it would not run out of buffer.

Fuad says:

what is your monitor name ????

StringerNews1 says:

LOL…”it is very satisfying” I can relate! Ergonomics counts. Very informative.

HardwareCanucks says:

The Silverstone MS09 USB3.1 gen2 enclosures are finally listed on AMAZON :

Julius Zietlow says:

Could i install an complete win10 Image on it and use it on different PCs to have all my files with me at all time?

Kwon Pae-Corr says:

cache files (playing on cache)

BaddMatt says:

Can these be used for booting purposes? Like Windows To Go?

NASIRUB1 says:

I started playing my games off 2.0 flash drives years ago in the early 2000’s and then later I would use a portable laptop hard drive to run my games off of, I now started to run my operating systems off my portable ssd so that way I can use Windows, Linux or Mac on any computer while I’m on the go. I love technology!

RaikouX says:

put 2 of those in raid 0 haha

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