Best USB 3.0 Flash Drive 2015 – SanDisk Extreme 64gb – REVIEW


Best USB 3.0 Flash Drive 2014
SanDisk Extreme 64gb – REVIEW

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99fulham99 says:

I have allocated 32 Gb as READYBOOST and have significant performance gains across all applications in windows. Scrolling is now smooth and fast , loading of Office apps super fast . Well impressed . 

Yeatming Lai says:

this pendrive got a lots problems! Dont Buy! some peoples report formated to NTFS lost the drive.
But for me, i buy 64GB then take it back home and plugin to computer there also show me 64GB and very fast. but after format using Fat32 i Lost 32GB!!! now my 64GB pendrive become 31.8GB!!!!

Ian k says:

Looks good be nice if it was in a metal case

princedastan87 says:

Does it work on the ps3

Sumona Florence says:

I cannot remember how long I’ve had mine for.. I think three years so far.. I have the 16GB version (using as restore stick for laptop) and a 64GB for general use. Both work fine, and still great to use. I want to get the 128GB one sometime soon.

samljer says:

2 of these… in raid… is amazing.
but you cant use a hub off 1 port, you need to use 2 ports right on your motherboard.
If you use a hub, the speed wont be max.

hunt3r says:

Why exactly is transferring smaller files so much slower than larger files?

onehans66 says:

got 16GB and its nightmare to boot !

Light Bulb says:

Theres two listings on amazon with a £10 difference both are the same in specs but have a different model numbers the one for £41 has this model number: SanDisk SDCZ80-064G-X46 and the other less expensive (£31) has this model number: SDCZ80-064G-G46, I’m confused which one should I get? does the model number matter?  

Codeplayer says:

Mine stopped working. Device manager showed a device named first an USB mass storage device, that then changed to a device named “Extreme” Other than that nothing happened. no disks were added to “This PC” (new term for “My computer”) I just got the replacement back from Sandisk and restoring my Easy2Boot system back to it. What can I say, days are rainy when you have already had one and then have to do without for some times. Its kind of bad imago for Sandisk, since I got my Extreme as an exchange when I turned in my older, USB 2.0 Sandisk Backup 64. It was an extended version of the older Sandisk Extreme, only with backup button. I must say that the speeds are unbelievable even in USB 2.0 port. USB 2.0 can go up to 25MB/s. So the stick utilizes maximum out of it. So this is now the second replacement and third 64Gig Sandisk in a row. If this one also stops working I’ll be going with Verbatims SSD grade speeds (400ish MB/s) 256Gig USB stick. Well, I just might get that one anyways. I’m kind of disappointed in Sandisk because all of that lately. My older, 8GB Sandisk Backup is as fast and reliable as always, but its with the U3 technology. So different inside. I kind of feel that the quality of Sandisk might not be what it was back in U3 days.


I purchased 64 gb but i found only 31.9 GB…

Aerial inspire says:

hey i need your help i have a macbook which I’ve put  file on the cruiser and then i need to play it through the tv but it won’t pick it up, any ideas

exl_13 says:

скорость чтения с флешки ограничивается медленным жестким диском компьютера. у меня скорость записи на SSD с флешки 235 Mbsec

Bm_508 says:

Do You Still Have The. Cruzer Micro & Are You Willing To Give It Away Because I Like The Cruzer Micro. Thx

Dominic Reinhardt says:

[GER] Does anyone of you have this usb stick and a PS4? I don’t know if this stick fits in the small slot (gab?).
Please help me

alfin fahmi says:

I heard some issue with USB 3.0 in car head unit who doesn’t respond/recognise. How bout this one mate? can I use it in my pioneer?

Felix R says:

i bought this stick yesterday, im probably going to put on some heat shrink tubing to give it some more durability

Vladimír Petija says:

its really fast! But what I’m concerned about is this drive siutable for having it for example on a keychain with other keys? I used to use Pretec i-Disk bulletproof, but it just burned out when copying too many files at once 😀

Hmmm says:

does it have led indicator light when plug in

moreira00 says:

what is the speed when transfering a big movie (10-40 gb ) to the usb flash drive in USB 2.0?

Mtaalas says:

No Crystal Disk Mark or other benchmark utilities used… why?

Rohit Mishra says:

will it work with a USB 2.0 ports?

Ничего себе Вы знаете по-русски says:

USB flash drives are a rip off external hard drives are a much better product

X x tripple Xp x X says:

How do you download and keep games on your flashdrive

GaMkuTOpoloWK Intenoize says:

help me i have this sandisk extreme 64gb which speed fat32 or ntfs ?

Andrei Mt says:

AND! If someone tryst a few passwords you’ll lose all your files, because SanDisk makes it UNACCESSIBLE!

alex 2.0 says:


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