Today I unboxed a 2 Terabyte USB. But is it really 2TB or is someone telling lies?





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Bush Pham says:


A.G. says:

Careful. Some of them might be a USB Killer though. LOL.

Android Tutorials says:

Lol, 120 of solid state storage for $15 would be an amazing deal.

KyosisPlays says:

Imagine all the por…..portraits of arts you could store with 2TB.

Amam Wan says:

Thanks man :’) got scam
Please give us the software

gamer DROID 123 says:

pls give me a figgit spinner

denise bessette says:

thank you so much i just recieved 3 packages of my 2 tb usb and guess what they say they have 14.6 gigabytes i am so mad but thank you now i know what to watch out for

Scootar Bros says:

Road to 40k!!

Ezra Ortiz says:

Can you do a giveaway?

M&M Knight says:

Can you burn that USB in your next video.

Joey's Garage says:

I’m glad u addressed that issue!

Cole Wheeler says:

!!!! Dude My new mac is 1 terabyte. BULL!!!!

Branden Rivera says:

How does it feel to get trolled?


cool, i like your channel congrats

burningfajitasalt says:

Haha. My dad bought one of these too. Same drive but different packaging. His was 8GBs. Made a short vid about it

Anthony Varrica says:

you got scammed,

and i got clickbaited

Andres Miranda says:

video estúpido, has algo útil! nunca demuestra la usb , basura de video

Ghostmarine10 says:

Remember us at 1 milllion lol

Ben Byrd says:

Thanks for pointing that out

Claw Box says:

turtles da 2nd best Im da best of all

Ken Hoo says:

Do we just a normal person able to use 2Tb for gallery,video,music for personal use ??

Sohaib Abbasi says:


JerreMuesli says:

In about 5 years we’ll all be laughing our asses off with this one because we’ll have legit 10TB pen drives.
Technology: making people age faster than nature has ever foreseen

Bolton Bop says:

I’ll be surprised if that is 2tb

PresidentCactus says:

So wait if you buy a 1 MB USB then am I going to get a 8 GB USB?

HandsomeM1111 MM1111 says:

hello yo hi hey

Tilon Tor says:

Can you make another fidget roller video

Tokoyami Ghoul says:

What if it’s not 2 terabytes

It’s 3

Eric Wachter says:

Shut up nick sweeny

MS Markoni says:


Twisted Prime says:

I knew it was going to be 8gb, they’re all 8gb I bet its not even usb 3.0

gamer DROID 123 says:

I subscribed

Jeroen Woldring says:

I very like your vids but please fix your echo

TJ Lazo says:

love this video

Cheeky Wombat says:

If that was actually a 2TB USB I’d be buying it right now

Conor Walsh says:

you have been scammmmmmmeeddddd

RedStine says:

I was just looking at this exact model!

Peter Åberg says:

I actually hav a 2 tb usb. It is insane. I can use it as exteral harddrive if i wanted.

Brian doyle says:

Just started watching this today and your channel is so much more entertaining than The unbox therapy show. You include humor with your products and it’s more entertaining to watch. Hope you make it big man!

Perplexer1 says:

eBay is infested with these fake 2TB USB flash drives. The sellers often have from 0 to 30 feedback (registered only a month ago) and some gullible buyers actually leave them positive feedback for these drives, not realizing that all the data they saved onto the drive will never be readable again and is therefore lost forever. I can only imagine their stupid faces a year later when they try to retrieve their memory photos, videos or whatever else and finding out its all GONE.

iPlayMLG // Djaze says:

First person to ever own a 2TB Usb?
I’d prefer first person to get 2TB in subs 🙂

jack spedicy2 says:



정현민 says:

You are very fun man !!!!!!

Eric Thomas says:

Favorite YouTube right now

TJ Cola says:

fill it up with child pornography

TJ Lazo says:

bruh!!!! 2 terabyte wtf in that

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