2TB Flash Drive Scam

Just a PSA: Don’t buy “2TB” flash drives for $10. They’re scams. Honestly, the fact that this was even ~10-12GB was impressive.

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman
Research: Patrick Lathan


VanGilder Michael says:

get an EVO 850 (m.2) drive. And a external enclosure to ]put it in. I did a 500 gig drive to a USB type C 3.1. I think it was about $200 total. Take some time and make sure you get the enclosure you want. I went through at least 15 failures before I found one I liked.

evknucklehead says:

I find it ironic that Youtube presented me with an ad bar on the page with a bunch of these fakes and their eBay listings. One even appears to have a BMW logo on it…

Edit: Oh, and one listing that even says “Warning Beware Of Scams Please Read”…

Nicholas Avis says:

I have 3 advertisements for 2 TB flashdrives from ebay for about $15 lol

sirhendro says:

This guy is the Jesus of the PC master race.

Kenneth James says:

Gamers Nexus, what media player are you using for the demonstration?

Cars Simplified says:

16 GB free, 1,784 GB of spyware.

BeagleBear Gaming says:


Kez Roberston says:

Thank you so much for video i saw a 2TB One on ebay thinking it was to good to be true i looked it up on ebay and your video came up so thank you i didn’t waste my money

Blaž Veber says:

5050mAh phone battery on aliexpress is actually 2600mAh.

Indie In The Blood says:

I fell for this 5 years ago when I was new to the PC world, I got a 256 GB drive for $5, never worked right and I did not know why. later after learning to build PCs, gaming and learning so much stuff, I found a program to test hard drives space, think it was called cylog, and it turned out to be a 8gb Drive lol

SysPowerTools says:

I buy them just to get free throw away drives. You open up a case, and most of the time you don’t need to send them back.

Nepu-Tech USA says:

I’ve been scammed with 64GBs from “Sandisk” so be careful with ebay 🙁

Nekros says:

If you thought you can buy a 2TB flash drive, then maybe you deserve to be scammed.

illidur says:

7$ for a virus, pretty cheap.

Just Anoman says:

I wonder, would a $500-1000 “2TB” drive that actually have 100-500GB real size be a bigger problem? While not as ridiculously attractive, they are more realistic, so even people who know their stuff might fall for it. For another, that might be harder to detect as fake, as people usually don’t fill their flash drive completely, much less actually inspect the file to check if they are actually there. Granted, you can check it quickly via checksum etc, but most people won’t do that. So tbh, such a scam might be more lasting.

But then again, given the higher price per unit, buyers would be more motivated to go after the seller for their money back, once it is discovered. So maybe this super-cheap, super easy to discover method is selected to exploit the “oh fook it, it’s only 10 bucks, I’m not gonna bother getting it back” mentality?

TheLulzbatRises says:

China has ruined ebay and many other things.

The slimy fucks need to be nuked.

YoStu says:

Well heck, even 128GB flash drive I bought out of curiosity turned out to be scam and it’s actual capacity was about 25GB. Not bad tho considering the price after repartitioning to 25GB, except that slow write speed makes flashdrive borderline useless unless I have all day to copy stuff there.

Eduardo Cortez says:

2TB flash drive… but can it run crysis??

A Viking says:

Windows users are totally helpless against this threat

pentalway says:

Funny, I’m getting an ad right below your video for 2TB flash drives on ebay for around $20 lol.

Thu Ya Win says:

Saw a couple on Amazon.

terrancejackson3 says:

Why would anyone give this a thumbs down? This is very informative

The Sir says:

“probably just not informed” = thick as shit

Bart Part says:

omfg… cut those fucking marija gay hairs out…

Anthony Rodemus says:

The scammers are likely hoping that by the time you’ve occupied the actual (16GB) space with files, your warranty will have expired. Cheap. Nasty. Assholes.

Carlos Arango says:

ebay does not allow to sell fake watches… why they still allow fake usb drives? Ebay should implement product reviews asap.

Satima says:

the folder that shows , System Volume information , if i am not mistaken , that is a virus ??

Just a meme here says:

I got a 1tb flash drive ad.

Pete Me says:

Bought a 2TB flash, on eBay UK,
it was 20kb short….
What a rip-off!!!

And, it only holds..
Wi98SE, all the updates,
(I don ‘t have Win98 original.. Some scoundrel burgled me!)
XP – all versions,
Windows Millennium,
beta version of Longhorn,
All the Star Wars movies – in the correct order –
VLC media player, for above..
Blue Planet..
Every movie Vin Diesel made
All the spaghetti westerns
Magnificant 7
Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird
Photos of me Mum, Dad and family
VHS of my wife and kids
photos of my daffy dog
the two version of my CV
my ID’s
all of my qualifications
Belarc Advisor
Sheilds Up!
a shedload of other stuff
and it’s not even a quarter full..
C’est la vie..

d3spis3m3 says:

It has a holographic sticker.. It’s gotta be legit.

Reiden Lightman says:

What is awful is that I got scammed like this, and the scammer kept saying that I was angry because I don’t know how to use flashdrives on a computer and he kept saying he would pray for me. Like, WTF? I searched for months for a tool to fix the issue, and while there was a tool to find the actual size of the drive, there was no tool to fix it, which means it’s easy for scammers to just get away with this.

When buying something that looks too good to be true, look at the seller’s ratings and reviews. It will often reveal if it’s a scam or not.

Iain Cowell says:

But, that’s dishonest! Why would someone do something like that?

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