Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Unboxing & Hands-On Review

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro unboxing, hands-on review of the Core i5 8250U version. It’s $829 with coupon MIBOOKPRO here: https://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_786412.html?lkid=12278103 and the i7/16GB model is $1099 with coupon 12DFDG here: https://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_786411.html?wid=21&lkid=11721751


02:29 – Weight & thickness
02:48 – Design
05:56 – First boot
06:06 – Screen
07:50 – Windows & devices
09:37 – Benchmarks
11:41 – Speaker test
12:36 – Touchpad & keyboard
13:14 – Internals (SSD etc)
15:19 – Bios
15:34 – First impressions
16:21 – Pros & Cons (So far)

Mi Notebook Pro Specs:

15.6″ 1080p IPS (Glass covered)
Core i7 8550U or i5 8250U
GPU: Nvidia MX150 2GB
8GB/16GB 2400Mhz DDR4
256GB PM961 NVMe SSD
Spare M.2 2280 SATA3 Slot
Windows 10 Home
2 x USB 3.1 Type-C
2 x USB 3.0
HDMI & SD Reader
Fingerprint reader
Backlit keyboard
Harman Infinity speakers
65W 20v 3.25A quick charger

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Jue Li says:

u cant use english because all windows 10 laptops in china are a special version of windows 10 which supposedly help chinese government monitor the devices, and you cannot use other languages on it. i lived in china and had a laptop there, and there is no way to change the language.

Howen Chan says:

get ready to buy one

Antonio T.E.A says:

Can it run xcode?

poeticwaltz says:

so wobbly screen (

Degradation FM says:

Samsung SSD – update driver and full speed

YipZone says:

291 Mbps upload speed! I hate you 😀 Just checked mine. 2.24Mbps 🙁

Meisterator says:

Where can I download the drivers after installing Windows 10 english version?

merf334 j says:

When does this product start shipping?

sara khadem says:

Perfect review

Davide Phemt says:

i formatted my mi notebook pro for reinstall a clean win 10…but now i can`t find the dolby atmos api and software.
Did u know where i can find it?

Lyubomir Stoyanov says:

Hi Chris, my notebook pro i5 was delivered to me today. I’m super exited. I already upgraded to windows 10 pro with key from eBay, but there are still Chinese symbols here and there…. Some advice to ged rid of it? Thanks.

Simon Röhrs says:

My download speed is 3 Mbps on a good day and my upload never exceeds 1 Mbps. Fuck anyone with great internet just fuck you

Shubhajit Deb says:

How to convert in English please make a video for this

Ramón Gonzalez says:

Anybody can tell me if is possible to upgrade this notebbok to 16 MB RAM if I bought the version with only 8 GB RAM? Thanks

Steve, TheDailyShaver says:

wish it has OSX hackintosh ISO clone DVD we could DL and install on this. I dont care at all about windows

Eric W says:

Where u bought the laptop?

Mijdax says:

This notebook is like the perfect notebook for me

Mr Awesome says:

Can someone tell me if any power bank will charge this??

Gowtham V says:

Macbook pro clone from a company which copies everything from apple. Good for china

David McClellan says:

Both coupon codes are showing as expired. Am I doing something wrong or did I miss out on the promotion?

msi67rj says:

Fake MacBook

Andrew Dy says:

Hi, great vid, I recently bought this great laptop, my current problem is the chinese windows its pre-installed with.

My question are:
1. What version of windows 10 english are you using now? PRO 64bit?
2. How to access the chinese key? Can I still use the windows chinese key to activate to an english windows 10?
3. What windows version iso file to download from MS website to be able to use my chinese key if possible? windows 10 home?
4. Where can I download the right mi notebook pro drivers? are you required to install it or can the windows 10 OS download the drivers for you?
5. Would you recommend to do a fresh install a windows 10 64bit pro?


Alexei Vasilenko says:

The power button on the keyboard near to backspace, really? The only one reason why I do not want this notebook…

Alex Kim says:

I thought it was a macbook pro when I saw the thumbnail

AC says:

very well directed and informative review 🙂

ZesT MRIDEEP says:

Can you please do a guide on how to replace the thermal paste on the gpu and cpu? I wanna do this when i get it but there are no guides anywhere

Александр Мамошко says:

So maybe you know… when i7 16gb ram will be available?

MarkuzChronos Tech in HD says:

the latest zenbook is better than that..

Gong Qiyuan says:

If this laptop features TB3 and QHD display. I will get it. ( From the review of 8th core, TDP unlocked i7-8550u is at the same performance level of i7-7820hk, but you should do this on your own risk, mi book pro can run at 35 watts with acceptable heat ).

Bloodpact Guild says:

>Calls it “pro”
>Literally everything about it is consumer grade, right down to the OS
>Charges according to the prior and not the latter

Samuracom Technology says:

That coupon code has expired!!!!

joro353 says:

i7 8th gen/16GB, dedicated GPU, excellent cooling, low noise levels, and premium materials for $1099 is a steal. The only thing of concern is support.

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