Windows Hello with Intel RealSense Camera & fingerprint scanner

One of the coolest things about Windows 10 is its biometric authentication system called Windows Hello. In this video, we show you how it works with the Intel RealSense camera. Plus we talk about security and more!

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Kwambe Wright says:

You don’t look like Mark Guim!? How are you signing into his Surface?

Iva-Matilda says:

Where we can buy that camera?

八鸟 says:

but twins…how does it work

Victor Pizzey Felecia 187 says:

these comments are a bunch of lying propaganda with fake youtube accounts this is another big corporation getting ready to steal your information whoops i guess this comment is going to get deleted by the corporation better read it now and who are they going to give it to your lying government that’s who when you make a program with a way to get into the program to change the program you make a door for hackers that may be your government which will get into it to watch you and alter even more of your life then you want them too their right now are 24 people out of every 140,000 that have your finger prints and even more doppelgangers then they want you to know about stop buying into these lies

Lau Trevelim says:

does it work with a Kinect for windows??

Luke Wilson says:

I highly recommend the upek fingerprint scanner as they’re very fast and accurate for everyday use. I’ve been using mine for some time and it only needs one quick swipe to login. The issue is getting hold of them since apple bought them out a few years back and shut down the production of all usb accessories. I’m picking up a cheap Kinect 2 and adaptor shortly to try out as this should work for facial recognition.

Vedant Ghadi says:

Why you have set up an external camera, because windows surface book 4 is already compitable with windows hello……

PC Hulp aan huis says:

deze zoek ik ook

loic Lahaye says:

I like the fact that everything will stay into the computer and never in the cloud ! It’s really better for the secutity. I really love windows 10…

Saikrishna M says:

Strait out from Baahubali!! 😀

Ryan de Guzman says:

Fuck yeah!

Przemo says:

Wie ktoś gdzie się zapisują odciski w windows hello.Robilem reset do ustawien początkowych i przy wprowadzaniu pisze ze odciski sa przypisane już do konta ale nie tego co korzystam.dzwoniłem do Microsoftu i tam nie mogą z tym poradzić,ktoś cos wie na ten temat

Sid Acidic says:

why the fuck is windows 10 is so bloody awesome ?

harpersneil says:

Wow that Webcam looks awesome! As an even better alternative, I could just get a potato and stick it on top of my laptop.

Costa Apostolou says:

Can’t wait for my i7 16gb 256gb surface pro 4 to show up, can’t wait to try windows hello built in.

8meals says:

Oh man, now THIS IS INNOVATION.. Not new per say, but the fact that they bring it to the public and have it working this good is almost (and I hate to say this) “Apple-like” … I am so stoked for this.. Thanks Daniel for sharing. Question though, which (budget) fingerprint reader would you recommend for a pc add on ???

Shareef says:

Please use 1080p 60fps mode for recording videos. Thanks

snikkers says:

so if my pc does not support windows hello i should go buy a expensive camera and replace it with mine and it will work or i need a pc that support windows hello?

Josh says:

Why would you go linux?

初見未来 says:

i have fingerprint only

Tiktok Toyatoya says:

Looking forward to real sense enabled laptops

hussein hussein says:

“Windows will not upload your private information and sell it to the highest bidder.”

Jonathan Ruiz says:

Just ordered a fingerprint reader. Hopefully it works well.

KloscarGamingTV says:

Will windows hello work with xbox 360 kinect?

Yububi Yubabi says:

And I still don’t have my notification.

Valdemar L S Jr says:

Hope this equipments be smaller than that with time. But it’s interesting 🙂

Poorna Manohar says:

whats the cost of the webcam

Lukas 99 says:

that top hes wearing in the opening shot is vile

Vardhaman Rao says:

hey i have a doubt
i have hp envy win 10 new laptop so i saw old hp envy version with windows 8 the finger print scanner is not only used to sign in but also with other fingers we can directly go into other pages like facebook ,gmail directlly by a finger scan …cant we do that with windows 10 which has windows hello ??
i seriously want that feature where we can scan a finger to go directly to a page

svr says:

if they integrate into SP4 it’ll be awesome

Oscar BNamoc says:

wow!!! windows 10

Bryan MacDonald says:

I like the Windows Hello facial recognition, but HATE how my lock screen continuously blinks “Looking for you…” with an eyeball animation.  It’s ridiculous.

Nicky W says:

ive got windows 10 and its not as good as it seems

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